~ London: Day One ~








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  1. Toni

    *love* them all. thanks for another reason to get back into taking photos everyday!

  2. magnolia queen

    Love them all… especially the hummingbird! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Shanon

    It looks like you had a blast! Did you take them all with a compact/point ‘n shoot? They are each fabulous! The tones and the polaroid type light is yummy.

  4. vivienne

    gorgeous! i’ve been offline for a while and its such a treat to come back and soak up the world through your camera again!

  5. charlane

    lovely day – lovely finds

  6. Stefanie

    Glad you are having such a lovely time in my neck of the woods! I would propose a coffee or glass a wine tomorrow, but am going to be on my bike all day and have dinner with a friend.
    Maybe next time, but as the note say -enjoy the carnival! You deserve it (and happy anniversery)

  7. Toni Brown

    Susannah … I’ve been reading your blog the better part of the ENTIRE time you’ve been writing it … I don’t have access to anything on-line over the weekend, so just saw the “keeping it real” post and comments … while I’ve only commented one or two other times, I’m here to declare myself and to say thank you to you for your blog … I’ve been soothed, I’ve giggled, I’ve many times found food for thought, I’ve been inspired, I’ve been gentled, I’ve felt cozy & relaxed … but never once been bored. Yours is a personal space I feel privileged to be invited into, and I savor my time there.

  8. kendalee

    lovely, lovely London! even lovelier through your eyes.

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