~ London: Day Two ~








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  1. sas

    ’twas a grand time!
    come back soon :)

  2. lisa

    I love your london.

  3. charlane

    yummy food, bright colors and good friends? fantastic

  4. Jennifer R

    ahhhh london!
    whereabouts is the photo with your feet and the fabulous tiles and mirror?

  5. Angie

    It all looks so full of colour and life – wonderful people and intersting, happy places – what more does anyone need? x

  6. sas

    Jennifer R – the fab tiled floor is at High Road House in Chiswick (my local :)
    They do unfailingly good eggs. Perfect for Sunday morning breaky.

  7. Rachell

    That food looks great. Kitty looks like he wants to know where his share of it is. :)

  8. Amy

    absolutely beautiful, so full of life and color.

  9. Riz

    Awesome photos! This is so not boring. (I wonder where “S” got the feeling that your blog is becoming boring.) Also, I signed up for your workshop the moment I received the email alert! I can’t wait for September 28! :)

  10. barbara

    i do miss london…. i envy you… have a great time, i´m sure you will!!!!
    beautiful pictures :-)

  11. Lisa

    Oh London, the city with so much to see and discover. You can come back again and again and each time be surprised by new wonders you get to discover every time you come. Lovely photos.

  12. Gina D

    Ohh, this makes me want to visit old London town, too! :-)

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