My eleventh finger

Ashleyg[Abby’s pressie from me: a custom portrait by Ashley Goldberg]

I’ve known her since the day she was born. I don’t remember much about the first few years, but the memories I do have, from the whole of my life so far, include Abby. Being someone’s big sister is a huge responsibility, something that is thrust upon you whether you want it or not. ‘Look after your sister’ are words you heard often, whether you were walking down the road to school, or sitting watching TV while your mum popped out to the shops. I don’t know if i have always looked after Abby very well; i know there were periods when i was emotionally unavailable to her, wrapped up in my own dramas and too busy looking at my own navel to see my sister reaching out a hand to me. But in recent years we have gotten closer than ever, the roles of ‘big sister’ and ‘little sister’ merging into a friendship, one that has the whole of our lives as its foundation – truly a precious gift. I know i worry too much about her, but that is as normal as breathing is to me; i would give everything i have and everything i am to keep her from harm. Sometimes this means i don’t know where I end and Abby begins, but i am working on giving her space from her over-opinionated, over-protective older sister!

Happy birthday, my sweet beautiful sister. I love you xo


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  1. Carol

    Happy Birthday Abby and congratulations!!
    Susannah, I swear I looked at that photograph of Abby and I had a feeling that she may be pregnant before I even listened to your vlog. She looks absolutely blooming :-)

  2. alexa

    Lovely photos and touching journalling … :) Happy Birthday to Abby!

  3. leaca

    You look alike…she has your great smile.

  4. charlane

    :) I’m a big sister too – it is one of the best feelings in the world when they are also your best friend. Beautiful and congratulations.

  5. bee

    i miss my little sister badly…it was funny that this post was up. beautifully written susannah!
    and congratulations, abby!!

  6. gem

    i love this so very, very much…
    happy, happy birth*day to your dear sister, Abby! and, hip hip hooray congratulations on the wee one growing inside!
    cheers to you & to sister*love.

  7. alex*

    You are so lovely and sweet yourself Susannah. And CONGRATULATIONS to Abby! What a wonderful friendship between two beautiful sisters.

  8. maggie may

    I miss my little sister. She is lucky to have you, and this beautiful work

  9. sas

    Happy Birthday Abby!
    Big sisters totally rock :)

  10. Lori

    This is really sweet. You are lucky to have each other. Hope Abby had a wonderful birthday and congratulations!

  11. Fiona

    Happy birthday Abby! And congratulations to you both.
    I love that you both match, you obviously have the same taste in clothes too :)

  12. gemma

    Such a lovely post! i feel exactly the same way about my sister…i think sisters hold a special bond with eachother that you dont fully appreciate until you get much older. My sister made me a memory book for my birthday 4 days ago and when i unwrapped it and read all her little notes and photos of us i couldnt stop crying, i hope you had a great day together and many more to come!
    p.s i tagged you at my blog it’s just a little fun, pop by and give it a go!
    Hugs Gem

  13. jfrancis

    Come lately, Love
    to my heart
    the place I know
    where love is born
    and wrapped
    in the blanket
    of friendship.

  14. Amanda

    Happy Birthday and congratulations to the lil sis!
    Congratulations Aunty Susannah!
    This post made me sad that I’m soon to be leaving my sister. :(

  15. Kelly

    I’m here with both my sisters, a rare occurrence and a gift!

  16. darlene

    oh big congratulations to abby!! how marvelous :-)
    hope you two had a beautiful lovely time :-) i love the bond you two share and it always makes me smile when you talk about her … i miss my sister but am forever grateful for the time we had together and the bond of our hearts that even death can’t take away …
    muah! xo

  17. victoria

    so cute! i want one! :)

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