~ Pola gratitude No. 3 ~


I've been having fun being a rent-a-blogger this week: I'm sharing my favourite things over in Holly's space, decor8, today… my first column for the Wishstudio is now live… and I'm sharing five photography tips for the weeked over on Simply Hue. It's been a busy week! Last of all, if you're in need of an inspiration boost, go soak in the wisdom of this crazy-talented woman: Danielle LaPorte.

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  1. Carol

    I look forward to exploring all of the links later this evening after my son has settled for the night. Such wonderful things happening for you right now and it’s wonderful to see :-)

  2. charlane

    love the wishstudio so I thank you for leading me there – it looks like a place I will enjoy exploring thoroughly.

  3. Roxanne

    Danielle Laporte is brilliant ~ “Diamonds only shine after they’ve but cut.”
    I read something the other day that got me to thinking about you ~ “what we focus on expands.” Grrrrl, you yourself are such an inspiration to others. Nice to see things rockin’ for you, Susannah.

  4. poet

    Mhm… cherries…

  5. Alicia

    The cherries are beautiful! And I saw your 5 tips earlier today! LOVE THEM!!! My goal this weekend is to find my muse :)

  6. denise

    yum. all of it.

  7. Mel

    love cherries… favourite childhood memory sitting in the cherry tree eating them until my tummy hurt.
    Thanks for reminding me about something positive in my childhood!

  8. Riz

    Hi Susannah! I love your columns, I’ve seen them around! Also, I can’t wait for September so I can enroll in one of your classes! I hope I get a slot. :)

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