~ Sunday with the BBC* ~


Meg made us scrumptious leek & potato soup, Emma brought home-made scones and strawberry jam, Leonie had chosen the juiciest fruit, Penny and Jo brought loads of fabulous magazines and I trudged through the rain yesterday to collect our Unfolding Your Life Vision Kits from the post office…. and so it was that six bloggers cosied themselves into Meg's sweet cottage and stuffed their faces with food and laughter before taking lots of photos and sculpting their dreams with scissors and glue. Such a lovely day.

* Brit Bloggers Collective.



Feet_ august

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  1. megg

    days always look lovely through your lens – you captured us and it beautifully!
    I love you.

  2. megg

    P.S. I just had to point out out the seventh member in the feet shot – giggle – We can pretend Sas was able to make it too –
    Please come back, my house is awfully quiet without you.

  3. Sherry

    What a wonderful gathering of like minded souls and creative spirits!

  4. pen*

    there is definitely a magic about polaroids…
    thanks for a wonderful day :)

  5. B

    It looks and sounds beautiful! I’ve been thinking about getting an Unfolding your Life vision kit too!

  6. Chris

    I have those same believe cards. I love them! Glad you had fun!

  7. postcards from...

    haha, yeah – our absent friend sas can be the 7th pair of feet :)
    hopefully she can come next time!
    great shots – love them and adore you

  8. charlane

    what a beautiful time

  9. Carol

    oh thats hilarious, i thought those were your feet kiwi chick…! now I know where you were at with the vision board day….

  10. Ann

    Sounds like a really great day … well spent:)
    Your images are so lovely…

  11. green ink

    Sounds (and looks) like a wonderful creative day.

  12. Rachel B.

    looks like so much fun!

  13. vicki (simply hue)

    Oh, I’m so jealous! That sounds like so much fun. :) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous images from the day.

  14. Roxanne

    what magic

  15. Jennifer Lee

    Sounds like it was simply divine!!! What beautiful photographs, too.

  16. Amisha

    Looks like fun!

  17. sas

    i am SO coming to the next one.
    love the feet shot :)

  18. Fi

    beautiful pics (as always!) and such an awesome idea – not only those cool boards, but to share time doing it together. love it! :-) glad you had such a great time! xx

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