~ There’s no place like home ~

Monday is my one-year anniversary of living in Bath; i'll be in London on the actual day but i know i'll be looking forward to getting back to my little flat and cosying in with my metaphorical pipe 'n' slippers. This place really has become my home, both the city with its friendly taxi drivers and extraordinary refuse problem, and this flat with its tired carpet and insect flatmates (seriously – just call me Susannah Doolittle). I feel settled here, i feel held and supported. My dreams are beginning to flourish, and i know that it was my leap last year that has made it all possible. I hoped for more, for a bigger life, but i didn't expect of all this… I truly hope that this is just the beginning. I'm feeling more able to make space in my inner cupboards now, so there's room for a partner-in-crime in my world… i think it could be fun. I'm ready for some fun.





1. Sam Roddick's living room; 2. colourful rooms from Family Living (via Desire to Inspire); 3. Lisa Congdon's kitchen (via Apartment Therapy); 4. via Living Etc; 5. photo by Annika Vannerus (via Emmas designblogg); 6. the perfect workspace (via Emmas designblogg)
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  1. postcards from...

    you are amazing. i’m sure there’s more words about this someone else could find to say to you, but i got nothin’
    you know i adore you & you are an inspiraiton

  2. Monica

    Congratulations on the anniversary of your brave move. I always call my husband my PIC (partner in crime) he is truely my best friend and makes me laugh so hard it lights up my soul. I hope that you find your PIC. I have really enjoyed peeking into your life through your blog, thank you for sharing. I wish you much happiness.

  3. cindy

    i’m glad you found the place that feels just right.

  4. Amy

    I moved to Spokane 6 years ago. 2000 miles away from all of my friends and family, and the Texas hill country that I grew up in and love so deeply. And it is just in the last few months that I am starting to feel truly at home here, but it is such a good feeling. I’m glad you reached that point much sooner than me.

  5. kristina K

    beautiful images…..

  6. gem

    cheers to you…
    yes, yes, yes to this being just the beginning…
    here’s to fun, fun, fun – you, beloved being.
    oh how you inspire & inspire & inspire…
    i look forward to hearing about this “partner in crime” as time unfolds…

  7. B

    I can still vividly remember the awe I felt on a trip to Bath back when I was in high school. I was only able to spend a day there, but it’s a magical place. Congrats on finding your fit. I love my city (Chicago) but I’m never quite sure if it’s the place I’m meant to be.

  8. amy

    fun sounds like a spectacular plan to me!

  9. Danielle

    I’m just starting a big move myself (not place, but career) – seeing you settled in your space gives me the excitement to wonder how my life will be after 1 year from the upheaval that will occur now. Thanks for sharing your journey,

  10. blue bicicletta

    Congratulations on one year in Bath, and one year of wonderful and fulfilling adventures! I hope to be looking back next year this time with the same sentiment on my journey—starting to do art full-time.

  11. alex*

    congratulations on your year anniversary….you ARE an inspiration to us all.
    (looove these photos too!!)

  12. pixie

    It sounds like the universe was listening to your wishes! I love what you’ve created here!
    Happy birthday!

  13. Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

    I got tingles. I remember the move, and all the courage it took to make it. This is exactly where you knew you wanted to be though, so you dug in and held on until you got here. You rock! Fun is surely listening and ready to play now!

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  15. susanna

    I’m happy that your new life in Bath is coming along so well, Susannah. YOU made it all happen. :)

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