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Blanket3 This is how it works: you see something fabulous on Flickr, send the link to your mum and five weeks later she gives you the most amazing present ever, made by the hands that wiped your nose as a child and applauded your every success. Isn't she clever?! She didn't have a pattern, she just… did it. I don't have a crafty bone in my body, but my mother and sister are both wizzes with needles, fabrics and crochet hooks – they have that inner resevoir of handmade knowledge that means they can whip up a pair of curtains or a laptop sleeve blindfolded. Sewing on buttons is all i can really manage. 

Mum, thank you so much for my blanket – you've made me a heirloom and I'm going to treasure it forever x



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  1. heather smith jones

    The quilt your mother made is beyond amazing! And I find it hard to believe you don’t have a ‘crafty bone in your body’.

  2. Johanna

    wow, it is just beautiful.

  3. erin

    so beautiful. oh goodness.
    i have been wanting to make one of these
    it might be a good idea to learn how to crotchet first.
    and perhaps learn to finish a project that i start! nevertheless.
    looks like such a yummy memory wrap for a cozy autumn/winter.

  4. Zavila

    Undoubtedly beautiful, especially if your mom did! That lucky.

  5. Juliana Gerber-Miller

    Wow, what a triumph of a gift! Go Mum!

  6. Emma

    So lovely and so clever to get in there before she starts the baby knitting! emma x

  7. Roxanne

    oh, i love it …. it does look so warm and cozy.

  8. charlane

    I love that…I have wanted one to put on my bed. that is a beauty

  9. Baraginie

    I am so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous! I might ring my nana and ask her to make me one!! :)

  10. Sophy


  11. Fiona

    Beautiful. Your mother is very talented :)

  12. Amy

    That is gorgeous! The bright colors are so inviting.

  13. Mel

    OMG this is so wonderful!

  14. lindsey

    the toes peeking out are perfect. o, to be wrapped in such yumminess.

  15. Tinniegirl

    That is gorgeous. Clever Mum.

  16. amy

    what a lovely thing for your mum to have done. it’s gorgeous

  17. gem

    beautiful. simply beautiful.

  18. doorways traveler

    can i send your mum fabulous flickr photo links, too? just to see what happens? ;)
    so happy for you…a photobird needs a warm and lovely nest…
    much love, lisa

  19. AForestFrolic

    That blanket is amazing…so sweet of your Mum to make that for you too!
    Jamie :)

  20. Wendy

    Handmade gifts are the best. Your mom is awesome!

  21. gemma

    oh how jealous am i!!! this is wonderful i really love it, does she sell them by any chance? i would love one myself.

  22. by-geisslein

    you both have the same feet – how funny ;o) Love this post! have a funny and lovely day today! geisslein

  23. Melanie

    I love it! My husband (yes that is right) and I are making one for our new baby as an heirloom. 48 squares down, 25 to go! These kind of blankets are so special!

  24. Kelly Watson | Womenwise Marketing

    Gorgeous. I want one as well!
    And your red nail polish remind me of a joke I used to tell all the time as a kid: “Why did the elephant paint his toenails red?” “So he could hide in the cherry tree!”

  25. Pravina Studio

    That is beautiful! It’s funny cause the first thing I thought of when I saw this was that flickr photo. I’m so jealous!

  26. lucy

    That is amazing, what a gift!

  27. Karen

    I love all the colors..

  28. Gina D

    Wow you are so lucky to have such an amazing mom! :-)

  29. susanna

    Awww, what a great gift from your mom. That was certainly made with yarn, crochet needles and lots of love.

  30. Grace

    A throw like that has been on my “to-make” list for awhile now. I know how to knit, wonder if I can make something similar with knitting? Anyways, LOVE it and you’re one lucky gal to have a mom like yours.

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