~ Moving pictures* ~

1. Putting together little videos is so much fun – i need to do this more.
2. Seriously – photos that move! who knew?
3. Thank you to everyone in this wee clip – you made my stay so much richer, and more fun. And I'm sorry I didn't get to film everyone – lots of people are missing, so i will have to catch you next time.
4. Special thanks to Jeanine, who was my partner-in-crime for the whole week… Louise to my Thelma. I love you, lil Frenchie.
5. If you're thinking Squam Art Workshops might be your thing, please please meet me there next year – there's time to save… there's time to plan! The new classes will be announced in the new year.
6. I have one post about Montreal simmering on the stove and then it's back to normal programming, including a special Creative Life interview tomorrow…

Happy Sunday x

* The song is Sunset by Kate Bush, and at the end J and I are dancing to The Raps by Hula's brother (and friends)

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  1. .kat.

    Totally awesome video! You make one killer videographer! Glad you had a fantabulous time!

  2. maura

    i loved it
    every moment!

  3. Melissa

    Love this! Makes me want to video more and get a Polaroid camera.

  4. denise

    oh sus, oh sus…
    this is BRILLIANT.
    cedar and i have watched it twice.
    love. LOVE. you so captured the essence.

  5. Glad

    Looks like you guys had a beautiful, amazing, creative weekend!!!

  6. jen berry

    wow. i contemplating going for a second, but i wasn’t quite sure what it encompassed. now i really want to go.

  7. Susannah

    yay Jen! trust your instincts – come next year :)

  8. stacy

    so so beautiful. i love you. xo

  9. Heidi Reinhardt

    Fantastic video! Looks like you all had an incredible journey, unharnessing your creativity. So jealous that I didn’t get to experience it too! … maybe next year :)

  10. jen


  11. grace

    such divine order. i was putting things away from squam ( still scattered here and there) listening to jonatha and my laptop called to me. what a beautiful treat to see the wonder of squam captured so lovingly and playfully by you.
    someday, i pray the words will come together for me to thank you for your part in getting me to squam.

  12. Christine Drevo

    This was sensational and now I need to find my dad’s polaroid camera and take tons of pictures.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. postcards from...

    you rock sista!
    love you long time….

  14. Kelly Jeanette

    Looks like you had alot fun. Maybe next year for me.
    ps-thanks for introducing me to the music of Kate Bush. That was a lovely song. Must look more up.

  15. Katarina

    Oooh, that looks amazing, is it ok if I go next year?
    And – great editing job. :)

  16. Susannah

    Katarina, it is more than okay if you go next year – the more the merrier! :)

  17. Marianne

    It’s wonderful. L just got us a wee Flip camera to share so I’ve just started playing with video myself and I’m having so much fun!

  18. bella

    loved it! perfect ending ;)

  19. Carol

    Excellent video, I enjoyed every second of it :-)

  20. Jennifer

    Thank you so much for this video. You made me feel like I was at squam, even though I wasn’t. **big hug**

  21. jeanine

    woman, you moved me to tears. you chose the perfect song. you captured the magic of it all. thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me back. this is SUCH a gift. i love you to bits.

  22. judy wise

    A movie!! A Squammovie. I love it. (big sigh) Next year. Must make movie too. ;-D
    Thank you, it was brilliant. xo

  23. Lisa Wilson

    This is SO much fun & so beautiful! The sound & sparkle of the water near the end put me in a trance. Thank You….Stunning.

  24. Marisa and Creative Thursday

    blow job. completely forgot to reiterate just how magic you are with the Polaroid and clearly with video as well.

  25. carmen

    This is very lovely and supercool!

  26. Holly - UK

    oh my goodness – i LOVED this!!! YES you should so do more videos susannah!!
    I loved that sparkling water – divine! i loved the driving at night shots and all the kisses to the camera and your beautiful sky blue eyes!!
    You all looked so happy and uplifted and positive and creative….mmm yummy! i wanna come one day!! xx

  27. Ash

    It took two days for my Vodamoan wireless to co-operate and allow me to view the video. Loved the choice of song. You have the most amazing blue eyes, but you know that of course, and I so, so wanted it to be a Pierce Brosnan look-alike in the canoe.

  28. michelle shopped

    been wanting to catch this for a few days now, so glad i finally got the chance…
    i could just imagine the apples’ heavenly scent on a crisp fall day — intoxicating…as that weekend must have been!

  29. gem

    this soothed my heart & softened my breath today. thank you, gorgeous you.
    big love,

  30. Jan's camera

    For some reason I cannot view this video. Any suggestions?

  31. Lucinda

    The video is not working for me either.

  32. dolor

    this just made my day. :)
    really good vibes. i’m taking my action sampler for a walk today. :D

  33. doorways traveler

    oh lovely you, i am sitting in the airport during my layover between india and home and just watched this. i am all weepy and overflowing with sweetness. so grateful to know you. so so grateful for all the love and beauty in this world…

  34. Jan's camera

    Hi, I finally got to view this video on my home computer. I very much enjoyed it. I felt like I was there. Maybe next year I be there for real. Here’s hoping.

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