Wish I may



Star light star bright
The first star I see tonight,
Wish I may, wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.

It’s 09-09-09. It’s a day for wishing… I wish for a healthy niece or nephew. I wish for love to find me. I wish for continued growth in my wee business. I wish for a healthy body. I wish for a never-ending supply of Polaroid film. I wish for a wedding day filled with laughter. I wish for a book publishing deal. I wish for a  book-blog tour across Northern America, Europe and down under. I wish for continued unravelling and magic. I wish for connections and friendships. I wish for an easily attained driver’s license. I wish for a year living in California. I wish for a return to London. I wish for a ride in a hot-air balloon. I wish for a holiday by the sea. I wish for the perfect black shirt. I wish for a PA. I wish for hot summers. I wish for another rose cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery on Portobello Road. I wish for a world filled with friendly people. I wish to go to Paris and have a perfume made for me. I wish for a dragon tattoo across my back for my 40th birthday. I wish for a Polaroid safari in Morocco. I wish for sciatica-free living.

I wish to find my man.

What do you wish for? Make a list today – I think there’s magic in the air.

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  1. Melissa W.

    What a great list! Confident and decisive, I only wish I knew so well what it is I wish for! I wish to find my place this this life… I wish to be happy, I have so much and I am so lucky, I have no reason not to be.

  2. Megan Warren

    Hoping all your wishes come true – I’m wishing that my temporary full-time employment becomes permanent.

  3. barbara

    Wishing your wishes will become true… i´m off to do my list…. :-)
    How nice for you to remember to wish for ourselves in this day!!!!

  4. Rhianne

    Such a beautfil wishlist – I made one on my blog as well if you want to see.

  5. geisslein

    I wish your wishes will come true…
    Btw: Your last wish is my wish for me too…Hope “my man” will find me soon and I wish that I will have a child with him some day…
    For today I wish you a beautiful day with lot of hugs and kisses! geisslein

  6. .kat.

    Wonderful wishes!
    Wonderful idea!

  7. Jo

    Wonderful and eloquent wishes – I wish they all come true for you in the most perfect way. xx

  8. jo marks

    i’ll add wishing YOUR wishes come true to my wish list – and WHEN you do your book-blog tour downunder, please come and stay with me for a while … perhaps we could go hot air-ballooning together, and i can thank you in person for helping me to start to unravel xxx

  9. Laura.

    you inspire me to list my own wishes! these are good, good, good ones. i hope they come true!

  10. Jeanine

    i wish for a flat in paris and a cottage by a lake. i wish for a beautiful english girl to teach me how to use my new sx70. i wish to learn how to snowboard and rock climb like a bad ass. i wish to write for a magazine. i wish to travel around the world. i wish for everyone to laugh every day. i wish for a little more discipline to balance out the flighty in me. i wish for a new music cd a day. i wish for shelves lined with vintage pyrex. i wish for inner peace and glowing confidence. i wish for everyone’s deepest wishes to come true.

  11. Gina

    What a beautiful post; I find myself wishing all of this comes true for you! All the best, you are well on your way to achieving all of these and more!

  12. Lee

    May all your wishes come true – in the exact order you need them!
    – Lee

  13. Grace

    and….when you are on tour in North America, you are most welcome to stay here with me in Boulder :)
    I wish for a FULL ON meeting of myself this year, my 55th year on the planet.

  14. andrea

    i loved reading your list and i am seeing every one of those wishes come true for you.

  15. charlane

    hope all your wishes come true in the very best way
    i wish for a job, i wish for happiness for my family – and definitely health, i too wish for my man and a camera safari across the world that ends in tuscany. and i wish for a small wee house off the coast of north carolina…surrounded by the ocean.

  16. Kelly Z. (Still Lily)

    Great wishes. I am so blessed to have much of what I have wished for…and so i wish the little wonders to continue in my life and for health for all my family, the courage and insight to go in new directions with my art…well, now that i am starting, the list might go on a bit long, so regardless, thank you for making me stop to wish a bit more. Also, when your wish to live in california comes true, we must have a cup of tea (no it will not be anything as simply divine as tea in the uk, not at all, nonetheless it would be lovely).
    Thank you

  17. kristen

    i’m going to do this, today is a day for wishing and i could use to focus on the positive things. thank you. xo

  18. chez danisse

    This is a beautiful entry and I will make a list today. Thank you for inspiring me. Now, if only I lived near your Hummingbird Bakery and could find a rose cupcake…

  19. Jennifer R

    hi susannah! the universe called… your order has been placed and are in queue for delivery!
    jenn r xo

  20. Jay (UK)

    ooooh, wishes! I hope and wish you all get what you’re wishing for. I wish to learn to surf, I wish to find my inner calm, I wish to start my own business and be happy in it, I wish to talk to my late Nan in my dreams once more (Derren Brown was also in the dream which may explain how I got to speak to her!), I wish to embrace life, to stop nattering and get on with more doing!!!!

  21. darlene

    i wish all your wishes come true beautiful!! and i just totally copied you and even found a similar but different photo in my archives ;-) tee hee … love to you, xoxox

  22. Emma

    Hello lovely,
    I’ll be your PA, there we go, one down!
    Love your wishes, Emma x

  23. Ashley

    This post is so beautiful and inspiring, that I had to make one of my own on my blog. Thank you so much for the smile and my sincerest wish that all your wishes come true. :)

  24. doorways traveler

    lovely list and such potent wishes. i see them all coming true and so much more.
    (especially pulling for the year in california ;))
    you’ve inspired, yet again. will make my own and post today!
    oh, and see you in a week…

  25. Glad

    This truly must be a day for wishing. I posted a few wishes on my blog today, too.
    I wish all wishes made on this magical day come true for everyone.

  26. Shell

    May all your wishes come true. With the beautiful energy of the day, I am sure they will.

  27. Samosasforone

    You’re gorgeous and beautiful in the wishes that you make. I wish that you get all that you wish for. All the best.

  28. Silvermoss

    Beautiful wishes. I do hope they all come true for you.

  29. karen

    Here is to wishes coming true – I say the starlight, starbright saying everytime I see the first star in the sky.

  30. kimberly

    magic in the air indeed!!!!
    beautiful post!

  31. becky aka theRAV

    Loved your wish list. Made me want to do my own & I probably will. When I went to New Orleans I wanted to have perfume made especially for myself also. Instead I bought a musk oil I loved. Just can’t find the right scent anymore. But thanks for bringing that scent back to me.

  32. Mary S.

    I wish I had more time to cultivate my passions.

  33. becky aka theRAV

    Several days late & a dollar shorter, I have posted my wish list. Thanks for the inspiration.

  34. zsofi jeney domingues

    Dear, i found this post now beacuse i am doing the blogging from the heart right now and i can not stay silent and i have to ask: do you know that almost all of these whishes become reality? I have no update on the black shirt and the driving licence lately and the MEN will come i am so sure, but the rest…u deserve it baby!!!!:) btw i had birthday on that day and i can not even remember what i wished for…i wish now that i am treating better my wishes. Xoxo

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