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Photo credits: 1. Garance Dore; 2. Sartorialist; 3. Sartorialist; 4. Sartorialist
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  1. Alexis

    I hope that I’ll turn into the first lady as I age!

  2. charlane

    I love it – my mom was always pressed and polished too when she went out and about.
    and I adore that walking stick

  3. Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

    The woman in the bottom image could be me, in a few years. I have that scarf and those glasses and my hair is heading in that direction. xx

  4. Kerstin

    Thank you so much for sharing these, Susannah. Your timing is eerie. These last few days I’ve been thinking so much about ageing and how I just don’t have an image of myself into middle and old age. At 46 this suddenly bothers me. So one thing I contemplated was to look for a role model perhaps. One person who came to my mind is Helen Mirren, she is amazing I think, and only gets better as she gets older. So, in view of all of this, I am finding your images today totally inspiring. Thank you! Kxo

  5. Ash

    That gentleman looks so cool. You don’t see Aussie blokes dressed like that. More like shorts, t-shirt, and a beer gut. Mmmmmm.

  6. Meghan Rachelle

    I LOVE the man’s sense of style. Men often don’t get credit for being stylish (more of the focus is on women) so I commend you for including him. Also, I love that sitting on the sidewalk in his neighborhood (or at least that is what I am imagining) is the high point of his day; the thought of him being dressed up for that occasion makes my heart warm – truly! =)

  7. Ruth

    What beautiful people!

  8. blue bicicletta

    Nice! I often see older women with wonderful, subtle style and feel happy that people are able to age with such grace.

  9. Vivi

    LOVE this post! I read somewhere that the Sartorialist said that he does approach a lot of fashionable older and/or heavier women(though his blog may not seem to reflect this), but that a lot of those women turn down his offer to take their picture because they are older or heavier. Isn’t that shame? Glad these individuals know how good they look!

  10. leonie

    i saw some immaculately dressed older women, and a couple that were still so obviously in love with each other (also well dressed) whilst we were in copenhagen on the weekend.
    love it!

  11. lynda howells

    l love taking images of people in the street. a few years ago l took images of people on the street without their permission. It was interseting only a few people actually asked me what l was doing…even when l stood right in front of them! I am about to start a new progect thst l stop people and ask them if they will let me take their image and maybe a story too…wish me luck. by the way LOVE your images.x lynda

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