~ Book smoothie ~


'Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.' Rita Mae Brown

3 cups Jeanette Winterson

2 cups Oriah Mountain Dreamer

1 cup Michael Ondaatje

1 cup Twyla Tharp

2 scoops Anne Lamott

1 tbsp Jane Kenyon

1 tbsp Carol Ann Duffy

a dash of Pema Chodron

a pinch of May Sarton

Blend together until smooth. Serve over ice, with a long curly straw and a comfortable sofa.

Serves 1.

19 responses
  1. Kristen Timmers

    Sounds like the perfect book smoothie indeed!

  2. Sherry


  3. pixie

    LOVE IT! And writing that quote in big black marker on my windowshade as I sit here reading feeds instead of working!

  4. charlane

    mmmmmmmmmmm, make mine heavy on the Lamott

  5. Paula S In New Mexico

    And it is healthy and low cal !!!!! I’ll take one !

  6. Lisa

    I have some ingredients to locate! Yum!

  7. Michelle


  8. eliz needham

    Ondaatje just gave a talk at a small fundraising party here in TO and he says that his books always start with moments—a girl, a horse, a farm; a boy walking through a field eating rhubarb; a nurse and a patient and sometimes that moment doesn’t happen until the middle of the book. He also said that he, too, misses his characters. oh- and that prose allows him to fill in the story more than poetry does ( although, gosh, his prose is so lyrical!)

  9. Carrie

    I’d like mine with Anne Morrow Lindbergh sprinkles.

  10. Wanda

    Yum. And don’t forget to sprinkle a little Rita Mae Brown on top for that special je ne sais quoi!

  11. Janet

    what fun! delish!

  12. Jenny V.

    oh my gosh. i want this for breakfast, lunch dinner. second breakfast… midnight snack. . . !

  13. Angela Negro

    Must try that recipe!

  14. Carol

    Sounds like the perfect mix :-)

  15. Michelle Shopped

    i remember hearing rita mae brown read years ago at uvm — i’d read her book rubyfruit jungle that past summer — ira allen chapel was packed and one of the things she said that i always remember is “if you are a writer, work with your hands because it frees your mind.”

  16. Thea

    you are beyond cute! Don’t recognize some of those names, but I love the quote and the pic.

  17. Jamie

    And never hope more than you work….
    Love it.

  18. lillie

    Yes! Just finished Anne Lamott–and starting Twyla Tharp. Wonderful when books can be both grounding and inspirational.

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