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Vermont_sky[Vermont, September 2009]

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  1. Jo

    Indeed. What a sky eh?

  2. Em

    Dear Susannah
    I was thinking about this anyway when I saw this photo today, I guess that’s autumn for you. I love your photos and your beautiful writing so thank you very much for all of it. One of these days I hope to take one of your courses.
    The other day I bought myself a copy of Vogue (I normally read it surreptiously in the library, when I was younger I used to buy it sometimes and hide it under my bed as though it was a porn mag.) I do this because I am very curvy and somewhat scruffy and have eclectic tastes, frequently almost fancy dress myself badly and everything I buy comes from charity shops. But this edition was such a good one, since thrift chic is now so very in, that I let myself buy it. I think that what I am trying to say is that it is hard to let yourself be all of yourself, especially the dark cornery bits. I realise that I have a longing for clothes because they change who you are, that is born out of a longing for colour because I cannot paint so well, that is born out of a longing for childishness because I have no children to dress up and that all of this is part of me and fine.
    I am saying this to you because I think you already do show a lot of yourself ( i do not know you to know if it is most of you)and that that is a very brave thing to do, and I admire you for it.
    If you were a superheroine I believe you would be made up of sepia rosepetals and cupcake icing and those glass shelves that fit across windows piled with different colour glass bottles with the sun shining through.
    So thank you for helping me.

  3. charlane

    gorgeous shot – even though there is not a lot of all color yet when you shot this, i imagine heathcliff (the american version) of him, walking through the woods, searching.

  4. chez danisse

    Wow, I just read Em’s comment above and if you’ve moved someone the way you’ve moved her…well…pretty satisfying…pretty amazing, really. I’m moved.

  5. Roxanne

    Somewhat ominous, the sky. And heavy, with the sun’s noticeable absence.

  6. Jay (UK)

    I was going to say amazing photo, full of ominous atmosphere, but after reading Em’s comments this just doesn’t seem to cut it! You are a very special person to have enriched their life in this way…I think you deserve a WOW!

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    What a very beautiful photo. Looking at it makes me feel so relaxed. Great post!!!

  8. Jan's camera

    Wow, look at that sky. There is so much happening. Beautiful capture.

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