~ Love at first sight ~


When I first saw these beautiful images I swear my heart skipped a beat. This is what you get when you mix Polaroid, a crazy-talented photographer and the gorgeous creations of Ban.do. Chloe Aftel has become the new photographer for Jen & Jamie's chic line of hair adornments, and i am swooning over here. Swooning, i tell you!




[all photographs by Chloe Aftel]
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  1. Samosasforone


  2. Roxanne

    So gorgeous. They almost look like paintings. They are like fine art. I swoon, too.

  3. Carol

    Oh my, they really are amazing!

  4. Nancy

    There arn’t enough superlatives in the english language to describe how gorgeous these truly are. The first took my breath away, and the last… almost gave me heart failure!
    Thanks so much for sharing these
    Nancy xx

  5. charlane


  6. Alicia Bock

    Wow! The light, the model, the outfits. All incredibly breathtaking. I am in love with the dark background, it’s so out of the ordinary for a Polaroid but it is so perfect.

  7. darlene


  8. aya

    inspiration indeed! thanks for sharing these stunning images.

  9. Tina

    wow wow wow…so beautiful

  10. Amy

    These are amazing. I really like the dream like quality with the dark background.

  11. chez danisse

    Wow, they really are stunning images.

  12. The Lady Prism

    absolutely dreamy.

  13. laura

    These are beautiful!

  14. packaging supplier

    What a beauty i like these pics.Much lovely pics i have ever witnessed…

  15. Thea

    Must say the first is my favorite-the mystery of what her expression is behind those hands! The tones and hair adornments are wonderful.

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