~ Magic light ~

Squam_light[Squam Lake, September 2009]

10 responses
  1. lisa

    love the sparkly rainbow reflection in the bottom corner!

  2. Celeste

    Oh, indeed! :-)

  3. Fiona

    ‘Oh wow’ I murmured to myself as the image loaded. I think that says it all :)

  4. charlane

    totally magical

  5. by-geisslein

    love this beautiful picture!

  6. Jenny V.

    if this were a dress, i would want to wear it!

  7. Catalina

    magic! absolutely! and so well captured

  8. Angela Negro

    I would have sworn that an angel was blessing you with it’s presence from all that white light! What a magnificent photo… Looking forward to reading you frequently.

  9. Laney

    this is so stunning. i love the bokeh on the water.

  10. darlene

    oh … stunning!!

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