~ No words today ~




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  1. Randi

    I love your style! So dreamy…

  2. janine

    Yesterday I received a copy of Artful Blogging Spring 09 and I was instantly drawn to the images from your blog. Today I have spent hours reading through past posts, checking out your website and flickr and generally having a rather lovely time, thanks to you! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the feel of your photography and the way you have woven your words in and around the images. I have been really inspired by your work and am grateful to artists like you who encourage the rest of us to keep on photographing our lives and the things we love. I am glad I stopped by :)

  3. annette

    I love all the colors! The reddish pinks and the soft golds, amazing. Fall has really struck me this year with its beauty.

  4. Steffi

    Heart-shaped leaves, how beautiful!!

  5. Angela Negro

    Nice to see there is colour all over the world… Beautiful

  6. Carol

    Are these the instax mini polaroids? They are lovely :-) They’ve surprised me with how well they’ve captured the light, especially within the first two.

  7. jeanne

    no words needed

  8. Kate England | Marmalade Moon

    Happy Halloween Susannah!

  9. Meghan

    Lovely pictures Lady :0)

  10. karen D

    no words needed with these pictures.

  11. Laura Hegfield

    what is it about autumn leaves that capture our hearts and attention? They come and go so quickly it seems, here in NH…My blog http://orli-shines.blogspot.com today is inspired by a poem about a leaf my nearly 16 year old daughter wrote this past week…and of course there are some leaf photos, one by my younger daughter and one by the elder. Please stop by if you have a chance. I love your photos…I’m adding your link to my blog soon as I finish this message.
    Have a wonder-full day,

  12. Ruth

    I love love love that first photo. I live in the desert where there is very little fall color. I miss it!

  13. Jan's camera

    I love your beautiful fall images. Thanks again for sharing with us.

  14. Em

    Your tree was giving of its love with heart shape leaves all a flutter

  15. Ruth

    Sometimes no words are necessary . . . .

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