~ Water, water, everywhere ~





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  1. Ruth


  2. Shanon

    Oh wow. That last one almost looks like a slab of marble… Love all that dreamy water!

  3. alicia

    Be still my heart! I couldn’t love them more…

  4. Amisha

    Lovely photos! They remind me of Monet’s water lilies.

  5. Kate England | Marmalade Moon

    Beautiful! The first photos made me think of starry skies… The twinkles.

  6. charlane

    when I saw them on flickr, I couldn’t decide on my favorite. I finally said the pier but looking again, maybe it’s the last one.

  7. stef

    so magical ~ love these!

  8. bella

    these are all so pretty. i love the sun sparkles. xo

  9. stacy

    so gorgeous love! i want a print of that last one, will you be offering these?

  10. Jan's camera

    I love that last one. Just beautiful.

  11. Diane

    Such great stillness and peace. Thanks for sharing them. :)

  12. amy

    that bottom shot looks like a painting. they’re gorgeous.

  13. Shalina

    These are absolutely beautiful.

  14. maggie may

    that last photo is amazing, beautiful

  15. Catalina

    Beautiful place! wonderful pictures!

  16. Paris Parfait

    So lovely; the last resembles a watercolour painting. xo

  17. Bree

    These are all so beautiful :D

  18. Jennifer White

    I always have lived near water…cannot imagine being any further then a few miles from a lake.

  19. by-geisslein

    these pictures are magic…love them!

  20. darlene


  21. Roxanne


  22. Gwyn

    Gorgeous photos. Your photography is like a celebration of the soul. Thank you for sharing your life with us in this wonderful way. We are all honored and enriched by your art. Drop by my blog anytime for a visit in my country garden home in Canada. With warmest regards…Gwyn

  23. packaging supplier

    It is an amazing view i love this…

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