~ 36 hours in London ~

Sas_ring_small[Just to clarify – my lovely friend Sas got engaged at the weekend]

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  1. Wayfaring Wanderer

    Seems like it was filled with magical moments :D
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. doorways traveler

    mmmm…love them. especially the hand, and the happy woman it belongs to.
    xoxo lisa

  3. Elena

    Ooh – where was that quilt? It’s the sweetest thing…

  4. Katrina & The King


  5. Katrina & The King


  6. charlane

    oh love….those beautiful reds and soft yellows.

  7. sas

    you made it all look so PRETTY!
    love having you in the spare room dollface xxx

  8. Mausumi

    I love the third one! But they are all great!
    I really need to stock up on polaroid film now!

  9. blue bicicletta

    oh beautiful photos—and I do love those pups!

  10. carolyn

    That precious bundle in the top photo got me- I’d love to do that for guests at this coming Friday’s dinner party.
    It looks like you had a nice time in London.
    I like your work and I’m happy to have found your blog, Susannah.

  11. Debbie E

    wow and thats her engagement ring,its stunning,,congrats!!

  12. Nancy

    These are beautiful! Especially the first two… :)

  13. tifanie

    oh cool. all of it.

  14. zess

    beautiful pics <3

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