Camera lovers unite


My newest purchase, delivered to my door at 7am this morning. She started it off, with her minty green body and flirtatious little lens. All I was going to do was take a quick Polaroid of her to send to a friend, but then, before I knew what was happening, the rest of the gang wanted to get in on the action. And I’m such a push-over, I just couldn’t say no…


My beloved SX-70. If I could only shoot with one camera for the rest of my days, this would be it.


My first proper camera: my Canon AE1 SLR. She took me through art school and beyond.


The Hasselblad, or as she is now known, the beast. Heavy, reliable, beautiful.


One of my first Polaroids. All cameras should have rainbows on them – fact.


My little Instamatic. I had one of these when i was a kid, and even though i’ve never put a roll of film through her, she still makes me smile.

To meet the rest of the gang, click over here.

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  1. Lightning Heart

    you have a wonderful collection, i’m most definitely jealous!

  2. Toni

    I am swooning over your collection of cameras…. hoping to build mine up soon…

  3. Jillian Petersen

    You, Miss, are one lucky lady!

  4. Katy

    I love those minty green cameras like your Savoy. I eye them every time I see one, but have yet to take the plunge. I already have so many vintage cameras that I’m almost out of room to display them all!

  5. Anna

    yes! this is a wonderful collection, and i do agree that all cameras should have a rainbow on them. have fun with your new one!

  6. Debi

    Where were you when I was a camera salesperson? :)

  7. Amanda {Mocking Bird}

    I had an Instamatic too. :)
    I’m pretty sure all the photos in our family albums with the rounded corners came from that camera.

  8. Melissa

    Oooh, that little Savoy is so adorable. She reminds me of an old transistor radio!

  9. Angie

    A Hasselblad *sigh* I would love to have one of those just to look at….
    A lovely collection indeed!

  10. Graciel @ Evenstar Art

    Dear God(!) you have the best porn. Ever.

  11. gn.

    Yum, yum. I ? film cameras. I’m thinking of getting either a rangefinder or a SLR…what do you think is better? :-)

  12. charlane

    love your little gang

  13. HeatherM

    Ooh ohh! What are you going to do with the little Savoy? Will you use it? I just got one for my birthday from a friend. Love these.

  14. Mausumi

    I love your collection!
    I have the onestep land polaroid and I love taking polaroids. I am currently having a little battle with myself though, to buy or not to buy more polaroid film. Is my little collection in the fridge going to last until they start making new film? What if they don’t make new film after all? Help! ;)

  15. ed hardy

    Nice camera.

  16. Susannah

    Hi gn, id go for the SLR if i was you!
    Heather – for now i think my little green beauty will be decorating my shelves ;)

  17. jeanine

    i’m drooling over here! i want to be friends with your friends.

  18. Sarah

    Wow – my first real camera was the Canon Canonet 28 Rangefinder – a real beauty – I always said the camera just couldn’t take a bad picture…but, I definitely learned some skill with it!! I still miss it! It broke and the parts were unavailable because they stopped making it…

  19. Katherine

    oh what a handsome little brood you’ve got there…the Savoy even looks like the cutesy youngest sister.

  20. Randi

    You’ve got some real beauties!

  21. blue bicicletta

    oh gorgeous—I’m experiencing some serious camera lust right now!

  22. Jan's camera

    I enjoyed looking at your camera collection. I feel like I need to photograph mine now. I have so many, just like you. I love them all.

  23. Laura Hegfield

    what a joy to have these reliable friends!

  24. Jamie

    Oh, my, goodness! What a beautiful collection!

  25. pixie

    what a handsome display! i love how you love your craft, woman.

  26. gkgirl

    oh…i cannot even say how much
    i love this…
    honestly and truly…fantastic.

  27. sanne

    ooooh and aaaaahhhh

  28. Chasing the Moon

    We had the white one with the rainbows when I was a kid! I wish I still did. It’s amazing what you create with your cameras.

  29. Dani Kreeft

    i’m drooling. what a rad collection!

  30. Jennifer Squires Ross

    Such a great collection Susannah!

  31. Bianca

    Oh my goodness! How awesome is your collection?!! *DROOL* Now I don’t feel so bad about the number of cameras I have. What a great idea….I should take photos of each of mine as well! I LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage cameras ;-)

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