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Jo_bedroom When i finally buy a home and can decorate it as i choose, I'd really like it to look like this place. Jo Kornstein is a set designer and the co-owner of London boutique Howie & Belle, and i am in LOVE with her home (as featured in the November issue of UK Vogue). All that vintage-y goodness, and those sultry dark walls! And don't even get me started on the bathroom….
[Click to enlarge images; all photographs by Hugh Stewart]

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  1. Shanon

    Wow, I can see why! I really love the dark colors on the wall…

  2. andrea d.

    there’s just something about beds outside that i absolutely love… beds and bathtubs, you know, things that aren’t supposed to be outside. and it looks so romantic and dreamy in pictures… especially if you had a mosquito net draped around them…
    and oh my god i love that bathroom too!

  3. Steffi

    Bee-you-ti-ful! Will you throw a party then and invite all Unravellers?

  4. Susannah

    absolutely! :)

  5. Amanda

    oy, so lovely!

  6. Nats@Hina's Apprentice

    Ah yes! I fell in love with this spread too. Just gorgeous! I adore everything about this house- the quirky paintings of moody women, the rich colours of the outside daybed, the little treasures dotted around everywhere. I stared at this for a long time.

  7. charlane

    a bed in the garden? that was an unexpected surprise.
    lovely home

  8. Sarah

    Love the bathroom. Lovely!

  9. Jen

    I love this. I really need an outdoor guest room like the bottom photo ;)

  10. Karen D

    lovely – I love the kitchen and the bathroom..

  11. cate

    goodness. that outside bed? totally dreamy.

  12. JanePoet

    I love it when something speaks to me so clearly!

  13. Michelle Shopped

    that is one fine home — editing the goods to pull off the look is where i always get stuck…

  14. Christen

    swoon. that’s all I can say.

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