~ Polaphrenia ~

Selfie_nov09Polaphrenia, noun, a clinical obsession with Polaroid film and cameras, often accompanied by an inability to control oneself when faced with a large stash of expired 600 film and a sunny day. There is currently no known cure for this condition, but in general most sufferers deny they have a problem (also known as Pola-denial). Polaphrenics rarely have fresh groceries in their house as they use their fridge to store their film stash. See also debt, bankruptcy, RSI.

Farewell Roid Week, it's been fun. Some more of my favourites are over here.

Mosaic21. house of polaroid, 2. Polaroid : Victoria to Seattle, 3. jen and diana, 4. Untitled

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  1. Amanda


  2. Mausumi

    I can relate to this! My fridge is full of polaroid and other types of film! I have to find a better solution though, because a few days ago, something happened with the drain in there and the walls were suddenly covered with water! I think the film was saved though, luckily!

  3. kristen

    hi i’m kristen and i’m polaphrenic… :)

  4. charlane

    :) love the definition

  5. Robyn Bryce

    no. 1 reminds me of a rocket snow cone from Chuck the Ice Cream Man.

  6. leaca

    you are too cute. i did the same thing on my blog all week. i started a gallery for everyday of my faves. it has been a fun week.

  7. .kat.

    There’s just something so extraordinarily dreamy and nostalgic about those little square images. Love ’em!

  8. Swirly

    You’re pretty. :)

  9. vanessa

    hello. popped over from hula seventy. love your photos. great style!

  10. Julie (Type J)

    food is totally over rated. i think film might even be in the atkins diet. :-)

  11. Amelia Critchlow

    Stunning images! I love them. Are you selling prints of these?!
    Love and support for all your amazing creative endeavours!

  12. jeanine

    haha. oh! i’ve got it bad! also, is that the lovely shirt you bought in montreal? you look gorgeous, darling. xx.

  13. lynda howells

    really love your images and l too love poloroids..hard to get these days though..doesnt stop me from looking for it though!!lynda

  14. JanePoet ~ JP/deb

    As far as addictions go, this one manifests beauty!

  15. Zoe

    Do you know I stumbled on your blog by accident, and I was only talking recently about wanting a polaroid camera and now you’ve made me want one even more!

  16. deb taylor


  17. Jan's camera

    Funny post. You are right. It is a bit of an addiction.

  18. andrea

    thank you, friend. xo

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