~ Roid Week: Day One ~


Squash Yes, that’s right, my friends, it’s going to be a week of Polaroids on this blog, so if you’re sick of me talking about those instant squares of goodness then I apologise now. But hey, it’s Fall Roid Week on Flickr this week and that makes me very happy indeed. Simple things please simple minds… isn’t that what they say? :)Mosaic_week1 1. United Nations, 2. polaroid_egypt08, 3. always remember to set fireflies free, 4. Concord, NH

7 responses
  1. charlane

    loving the veggie goodness
    and who could ever be tired of polas? not possible!

  2. Graciel @ Evenstar Art

    There is no such thing as too many Polaroids.

  3. Amanda

    hehe no complaints out of me.
    I’m doing the same thing ha!

  4. michelle

    Ahh I love the “fireflies” shot! It looks so comfy and cozy!

  5. Carol

    There’s some beautiful polaroids out there this week so far.
    I must admit, the term ‘roid’ week that’s all on twitter this week keeps popping images into my head that doesn’t involve polaroids. But that’s because my mind is in the gutter ;-)
    I look forward to seeing all of your polaroids this week Susannah, I’m sure that they will all be beautiful!

  6. Caitlin

    I wish i had more than just one exposure of Polaroid film left…

  7. Des

    These photos are great. There is something wonderful about Polarid photographs.

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