~ Roid Week: Montreal ~





8 responses
  1. Amisha

    Your pictures are, always, so beautiful!

  2. charlane

    i’m lovin’ on the reds, the doors and the laughing mannequin

  3. Jan's camera

    Love the red doors.

  4. Rebecca Snavely

    Ooh, I love the reds in the last photo. Beautiful.

  5. Katherine

    All are very cool, but I’m lovin’ those doors. Montreal looks so neat…and even cooler thru your Polaroid.

  6. blue bicicletta

    Cool! I especially love the bottom one with the circular mirror—what wonderful, dreamy colors! I love that color!

  7. michelle

    love, love, LOVE that last photo!

  8. Laura Hegfield

    My favorite image is of the two doors. They make me think about choices…remind me that indeed we always have choices! And isn’t that grand?

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