~ The contents of my head ~

Cosmo_door The contents of my head as of 18:14 Tuesday afternoon maybe i should stop working now it's time for dinner but i'm not really hungry words words words book ideas chapter titles this is so exciting but what if i have nothing to say but what if i have so much to say i can't say it right what if the words dry up hungry now maybe it's time for dinner polaroids make me happy i want to take pictures but it's dark hunger is calling me to the kitchen but i want to keep writing maybe i could pen a quick blog post i miss my blogging i wish i had more time but being busy is good isn't it yes being busy is good i am grateful for this work if we had thanksgiving in england i would be thankful for so many things love it makes me think of love i miss love i miss companionship hungry feeling more hungry time to stop writing but the ideas keep coming i hope i can say the right words my words words words words.

Hungry now. Kitchen calls.

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  1. Mari

    bless you.
    happy day of thanks, susannah. xo.

  2. Roxanne

    “what if i have so much to say i can’t say it right”
    you picked that thought from my head. it’s all in there like a spaghetti junction.

  3. erin

    oh god i LOVE that feeling.
    of the muse taking over and being so inspired… full of ideas, the seams will burst if i dont get this out right now now now. sleep can wait. food can wait. i cant do anything until this is ouuuuuut.
    so good and so insane.
    and the beauty of being an artist. :) xo

  4. Mausumi

    What a great post! You’re a writer, that’s for sure!

  5. rochambeau

    Happy Thanksgiving Susannah! I like your style!

  6. Jackie

    i love the way you write! have a great week!

  7. Lisa

    Hah – perfect! The muddled soup of mind matter – a wonderful blog post.
    A bit freeing for me as well…there’s often that pressure to write “just the right” post when the thoughts are swimming around just like that. Ironically, it is that mesh that writes for itself! Thank you!

  8. gem

    well, it’s good to know i’m not alone in this conversation ~ the contents of my head.

  9. kamsin

    hahaha! I can relate. Being happy, excited, a bit neurotic and hungry all at once!

  10. nikki

    I’ve faced the write or eat dilemma. I always chose write. Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to eat something yummy tomorrow.

  11. Katherine

    England schmengland…have your own personal day of thanks. Sounds like you’ve got lots to be thankful for if the creative muse is working over time for you!
    Happy Writing,

  12. Amisha

    It’s so hard to stop when the ideas are flowing, right? Happy writing!

  13. Laura Hegfield

    no one mentioned those lovely pink cosmos! thanks for taking me back to summer on this incredibly dark gray november day!

  14. blue bicicletta

    nice! you should make your own thanksgiving! It is the best holiday we have over here!

  15. carolyn

    Brave girl to put it all in words.
    Maybe some day the whole world will celebrate Thanksgiving together.

  16. mccabe

    popping in to say hi…
    and i like your sweet little
    and i like coming here
    because every time i leave
    i feel really full of color and creative

  17. Lynn

    Love this organic post. Love tapping into the creative mind of others. Love a glimpse of the actuality of our minds, thoughts, reality.
    Thank you for your honest approach at sharing.
    Hope you enjoyed your meal!!

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