~The first Polaroids ~

Preg1Here he is! The first Polaroids of my nephew, and already I can tell he's going to be a looker (it's my auntie's prerogative to be utterly biased :) I still can't quite get my head around the fact that my teeny tiny hold-her-hand-when-you-cross-the-street little sister is growing a new human being. Wow. Truly amazing.


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  1. Steffi

    Awww… Lovely! Beautiful!

  2. mickie

    super sweet.

  3. erin

    aww you’re going to be such a wonderful auntie.. :)

  4. stacy

    she looks GORGEOUS! xo

  5. Mia Moreno

    aw! :)))

  6. Michelle

    My baby sister is pregnant also. It’s her first and I’m so excited for her.

  7. gem

    joy, joy, joy…

  8. Lightning Heart

    so lovely!

  9. travelinoma

    This is a crafty girl, making a whole new human being! That is the ultimate in creativity!

  10. Jackie @ Lilolu

    Lovely pictures. She looks great!

  11. vanesa

    hello. i stopped by from hula seventy. love your blog, it’s super cute. and the photos in this post are beautiful!

  12. Kelly

    Such beautiful images – they really capture all the love flying around between the three of you!

  13. Liz

    oh yeah, I can tell too, he’s gonna be a stunner… I remember my first foray into aunti-hood… it’s SO very special, and now I am twice an aunt, and it’s completely amazing, esp since my nephew is now old enough to make phone calls to his auntie liz, to talk about things like the fire truck he saw that day… priceless… love these photos…

  14. Vanessa

    love these polaroids! can’t wait to see your nephew’s pola-album grow ;)

  15. charlane

    there is nothing like it i tell you. thursday when we gathered for dinner, i was waiting on the portico when my brother, his wife and two daughters arrived. as i stood and waited, the two little girls flew across the parking lot, smiling with their arms flung wide open. i could hear my name on their lips and i think my heart near burst with love and amazement.
    congrats – you will be a fantastic auntie

  16. Laura Hegfield

    oh how I love the top photo of your sister’s gently swollen belly and her hands forming a heart over the baby’s current residence! Exquisite; so much is said in this simple gesture.

  17. Stefanie

    Great pictures! Me too, I will be an auntie soon. I’m sooo nervous and happy!

  18. megmanionsilliker

    congratulations! to you, to your sister and to your wonderful nephew who will be so lucky to have you as an aunti!! xo

  19. Mausumi

    awww! Those polaroids are going to be great memories! :)

  20. christine

    being an aunt to 11 wonderful/crazy beings i can honestly say this one of the most special relationships a person can have. congrats to you and your sister – such a gift for both of you!

  21. Michelle Shopped

    the fun is just beginning — savor every delicious moment of it, lucky you!

  22. Jan's camera

    Your photos are beautiful. Being an auntie is the best feeling ever!

  23. magnolia queen

    An enormous “congratulations” to your sister! What a sweet, sweet time for everyone! {and to be an Aunt is the best thing in.the.world!}
    ? all around!

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