~ Afternoon at the MOMA ~

Heart TODAY! Live & in person! Mini meet-up in the SFMOMA cafe from 3pm – 5pm. Come join me for a coffee & a gossip :) x

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  1. ann

    Would love to but have a Carol Concert to attend as I have made 150 mincepies and gallons of mulled wine. Enjoy your chat.

  2. Amisha

    Not sure if you have seen the “Legion of Honor Museum”? This museum sits atop a lovely hill and there is a fantastic view of Golden Gate from there. This museum was in Hitchcock’s Vertigo.
    When I went to SF I really enjoyed the visit here and taking pictures here.

  3. Michelle Shopped

    geez, now this has me considering skype — would so love to be there…

  4. Angie B.

    Hi Susannah – wish I lived on the West Coast so I could meet you! If you were to land in Charlotte, NC on your return trip – I would so be there!
    However I got this in my email – and since you are the Queen of Polaroids – I knew I had to send it to you!!

  5. Em

    Oh, I am so jealous. A few of us are only a couple hours south of you! If you love SF, you would love San Luis Obispo….hint…

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