~ Awesome hot cakes ~

Awesome_cakesYou know what i need right now? Some awesome hot cakes. Can you imagine how awesome they must be, to actually be labelled ‘awesome’? I’m thinking they must be the sweetest, most delicious, memory-making plumpcious awesomest cakes in the history of cake making – THAT’s how awesome they are.

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  1. Shanon

    You’re too funny. =) xoxo

  2. leonie.wise

    yep, i could do with some of those other than mince pies. i have been stuffing my face today too!

  3. Meredith

    Awesome. Think someone makes ‘awesome’ chocolate?

  4. Susannah

    i hope so! ;)

  5. michelle

    After reading your post I googled hotcakes to see if hotcakes were different from pancakes and I got this jewlery site – pretty cool.
    Hope you enjoyed the hotcakes!

  6. Katy

    Love love signs like that! And the hot cakes sound pretty tasty, too!!

  7. Christine

    Awesome hotcakes do sound good! But mince pies are so seasonal and one of my favourite Christmas treats! I made some last night and have been nibbling ever since. Tonight is for gingerbread!
    : )
    YES to “awesome” chocolate!

  8. Roxanne

    they sound yummy.

  9. charlane

    love this shot!

  10. Jan's camera

    What an ‘awesome’ sign this is. LOL.

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