~ Day Four ~


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  1. kristen

    Oh! The Haight!! I lived on Haight and Masonic and then Haight and Clayton for 4 years…good times were had there. And I’m glad to see the booth at Wasteland is still in order…I will be there in April and I can’t WAIT.

  2. stef

    love love love!!! oooh and the photobooth! :)
    make me so happy!!

  3. charlane

    love – especially the photobooth

  4. Cat Taylor

    awesome! but…what happened to day 3?

  5. Susannah

    heee – day three is still in bed with jet lag :)

  6. Alex

    good times, my darling!! i have to pinch myself to believe that you are actually posting from my guest room! ;D

  7. Valentina

    oohh San Francisco… ~LOVE~ the pictures :)

  8. Steffi

    Love the pics! I love to learn more about San Francisco. Thanks for sharing! ?

  9. Katherine

    That green & red is yummy.
    That’s too funny that you two are posting while a couple of rooms apart!

  10. mccabe

    omg sooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Qui

    Is that You and a Gypsy? :) Glad you’re having a great time Susannah, be on the look out for some cute tanned surfer American. lol.

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