~ Day One ~


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  1. vanessa joie

    Beautiful tree. And the Uggs are very California! Enjoy!

  2. Cat Taylor

    ahhh, beautiful!! wish i had some polaroid film…

  3. Shannon

    I saw those photos and knew exactly where you were! I live in Marin! love the Bay Area!
    You should do your gathering somewhere like The Grove on Chestnut LOVE IT!!! or Ritual but they surprisingly close at 9:00.
    Bob’s Donuts are amazing too, small little hole in the wall place on polk. Go after 10:00pm they start making their donuts for the next day at that time and they are to die for!

  4. nikki


  5. Mausumi

    Beautiful polaroids and the moleskine! :)
    I need to buy some polaroid film too!

  6. Amanda {Mocking Bird}

    I didn’t know you were on facebook.
    Add me! =D
    Can’t wait to see the rest of the piccies dear.

  7. Angie

    It’s all looking extrememly fabulous – the light there is amazing, must be the huge ocean you’re next to – I can see what all the fuss is about! :)

  8. kristen

    the third photo is so decidedly california! i love this glimpse into the city i spent my 20’s in…so influential as to who i am today.
    more please!!

  9. Katherine

    Ooooo this is gonna be fun…thanks for sharing your days in SF.

  10. Katherine

    Looks like you’re having a fantastic trip! I did a double take when I saw the Mexican Bush Sage in your second pic, as that’s a native of the Southwest and not something you would find commonly on the West Coast. I have it growing around my house because it’s one of the few blooming plants the deer don’t like to eat to the nubbins. http://tinyurl.com/y8ramdh

  11. Amanda

    Ohhhh aaahhhh, one of my dreams is to go to San Francisco I just know I would love it. Great for you ‘doing’ your dream. Plus the photos are lovely

  12. Chaucee

    Love the last picture!

  13. gkgirl


  14. Courtney

    Being an East-coast girl, San Francisco has never really made it to my list of must-see places, but I’m having a change of heart after seeing it through your eyes! Have a safe and amazing trip!

  15. charlane


  16. Tara Bradford

    Lovely; I recognise a couple of places in your photos. I miss San Fran! I know you’ll have a wonderful time; enjoy every moment! xo

  17. chez danisse


  18. Christy

    Have a wonderful, safe trip!

  19. Jan's camera

    Love the photo of the tree. Amazing. Have a great time. I’d love to visit San Francisco some day.

  20. Genevieve Luna

    Oh, I love San Francisco, the city for me. It’s such a great town.

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