~ Day Six ~


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  1. mari

    Love the prayer beads. And the wrist warmers. :) On whose wrists came they both? They are not yours, no?
    So glad you’re having a good time in SF … it really is a magical city … I can’t wait to return there and roam around town.

  2. Susannah

    Liz is wearing the wrist warmers and leslie has the beads :)

  3. Laura Hegfield

    how wonderful to be in SF…it’s so cold and snowy here! I love the photo of the coffee beans…why do I always love the most random photos? I think it’s the heart shape the beans are creating, held so lovingly…like a generous offering.
    travel safely,

  4. charlane

    salty pig parts made me laugh for some reason. such a funny find.
    and who doesn’t need a little

  5. charlane

    sorry….I meant to finish by saying who doesn’t need a little validation sometimes.

  6. Steffi

    Pig parts? Oooh…
    And yes, please, I’ll take the wristwarmers with the cappuccino!
    Lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing them!

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