~ Day Ten ~

Sun2 Ssun3

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  1. mccabe

    love that first one so much!!

  2. twitter.com/Anttix

    Love #3
    Can’t see any photos of hot guys with tattoos though.

  3. Cat Taylor

    I love images shot thru windows! I just do, this one is so much fun! All the different shapes and sizes of bottles, very cool!

  4. charlane

    the top makes me think of that old poem that begins – “i’ve slipped the surly bounds of earth”

  5. My Owl Barn

    I love your photos. Is the first one taken from a plane?

  6. Karen D

    those fries look YUMMY!

  7. Laura Hegfield

    love the bottles and reflections in the window…really cool shot!

  8. lisa

    ah zuni cafe. lucky girl.

  9. blue bicicletta

    Ooh, I’ve been to Zuni cafe–I had a great burger there, and a heaping plate of those very french fries! Looks like you’re having a wonderful time!

  10. Susannah

    My owl barn – yes, on my way back from San Diego :)

  11. gkgirl

    oh wow…
    that first was swoon-y…

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