~ Day Two ~


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  1. bright and blithe

    It certainly looks as if the daily fare itself was worth your travels. Eat some for the rest of us!

  2. Lisa

    Beautiful! I don’t know why but when I saw the photo of the house with the multi-colored curtains I sighed…and now have a strong desire to go artsy-up our home!

  3. Chaucee

    I LOVE that the house has different color curtains in each window!

  4. Mausumi

    I really like the last one!

  5. Jo

    You’re making my sick bed a cheerier place! Keep up the good work and enjoy xx

  6. judy Wise

    I recognize Kelly Rae’s shoes (those sweet yellow ones on the far right)!!!!!!! he he

  7. charlane

    fun!!! and, I’m totally digging on whoever is wearing those yellow shoes!!

  8. stef

    so lovely! love that you are out enjoying the city!

  9. Angie B.

    Susannah – I thought you might have a few moments to check this out!!
    This is a new mag and they are looking for contributions of images of – SAN FRANCISCO!!
    Hope you are enjoying San Francisco and I can’t wait to start Unravelling with you next month!!

  10. Laura Hegfield

    I can’t say why, but the shoe photo above is my favorite today. Maybe the perspective…maybe the absolute…WE ARE HERE nature of standing…
    gentle steps,

  11. bella

    OK, digital San Fran is looking fab. Cannot wait ’till you get home to your scanner!
    Hope you are having a blast.

  12. abbersnail

    I love seeing my city through your lens.

  13. autumnony

    *Love* those different coloured curtains in the second picture. I’ve always adored SF architecture … will get there one day!
    (I know it may be cheesy, but you rode on a tram, right??)

  14. Genevieve Luna

    Thanks to your unravelling course, I LOVE Feet…well, feet with shoes and I love taking pictures just like the one you have here. Beautiful!

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