~ Dream come true ~

I had a really good post planned out in my head that was going to be written in the style of a fairy tale, and talk about this 19-year-old girl who dreamed of visiting a certain city and how she bought a guide book and read it cover to cover and would talk to her friend M about how they'd both live there one day with their respective boyfriends. But time ran away with me, and before i knew it i was leaving the house and in the cab and on the train and in the airport and on the plane and now here i am.

I'm in San Francisco!

It's a trip that's been 17 years in the making. I've brought a LOT of Polaroid film with me but i'm still worried it's not enough. I cracked open a fresh moleskine on the plane and intend to do a lot of journalling, and am hoping to share photos here every day or so. And meet some friends and have lots of coffee. And soak up as much of this city as i can. Despite those teenage dreams i've arrived with my expectations in check – this definitely feels like bit of a soul trip for me, but i am open to whatever happens.

Next Thursday I'm hoping to organise a mini get-together in a cafe somewhere, so if you're nearby come and say hello! I'll be sharing more details on Facebook when i've had a sleep and know where we're meeting.

I can't believe i'm here! I got teary as we flew over the Golden Gate Bridge :)

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  1. Chookooloonks

    Aw man! Wish I could be there. :(

  2. chez danisse


  3. Shanon

    I really like how you are just “living” this experience and haven’t had the time to write the “perfect” post about it. =)
    The GG Bridge takes my breath away each and every time I see it. I don’t blame you for getting teary. Not one bit.

  4. Natalie

    How wonderful! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities on the planet.

  5. Deirdre

    Welcome to the Bay Area! You’re going to fall completely in love with San Francisco. It’s one of our favorite places to spend a Sunday.

  6. Denise

    Once upon a time I lived in San Francisco. It is a magical place. I hope you enjoy your visit and I cannot wait to see you photos. :)

  7. darlene

    yes, that was my new york trip and it was everything i hoped it would be … enjoy!! :-) xoxox

  8. stacy

    I’ve been there countless times and I *still* get teary when I see the bridge. It’s truly a magical city. I am so happy to see this dream unfold for you, wish I could be there with you. You’re in San Francisco, baby!!!! xo
    p.s. I even had the same teenage dream you did, I wrote about it in my high school yearbook. hee hee.

  9. Steffi

    Awww, congratulations on making this dream come true!
    Have a fabulous time!

  10. gem

    yippee to this dream come true!
    enjoy, Susannah.
    i heart san francisco.
    a few of my beloveds live there.
    if i was there ~ on that coast ~ i would so love to be a part of that mini-gathering.

  11. Sam

    Have fun! It’s such a lovely city no matter what the whether. I don’t think you can take a horrid photo there. Can’t wait to see yours….

  12. charlane

    oh, i love SF!!! have a beautiful time. hope you can make it out to napa too

  13. Amanda

    have fun! SF is a wonderful vibrant city. If you have time, explore all the neighborhoods and see the culture in each different one. And don’t forget to get breakfast at Tartine in the Mission. You won’t regret it!

  14. The Lady Prism

    This all so lovely! I’m looking forward to your new adventure! :D

  15. darrah

    Every time I visit San Francisco, it feels like a soul trip. My husband and I fell in love there and got engaged there. It will always hold a special place in my heart. And besides, the food is aMAzING!
    Enjoy every minute of it!

  16. Mausumi

    Aww! This sounds like a great trip! I love the sound of polaroid film and moleskines together! Sound like a great metaphor to crack open a new moleskine on your way there too! :)
    Have the most wonderful time! I flew over san fransisco on my way to hawaii earlier this year, and I saw the golden gate bridge too! Looks great from the air, don’t it?

  17. Cat Taylor

    SF is a beautiful city! Would love to see it again someday!! Enjoy it, shoot loads, and journal much!!

  18. alex*strawberry lemonade girl

    YAY!!! Welcome to our beautiful city!!! PLEASE lemme know if there is a meet up! I’d love love love to meet in person!!
    Also, if you need any tips while here, gimme a shout out!

  19. eow

    Have you read the guidebook cover to cover? Wishing you a joy-filled adventure!

  20. Nats@Hina's Apprentice

    I’m so incredibly jealous you wouldn’t believe. I’ll comfort myself with the assertion that I will go next year with my girlfriend. Wishing you a wonderful time, can’t wait to see the images you’re going to capture…

  21. Kristy

    Enjoy, it truly is an amazing city.

  22. Shell

    Enjoy having one of your dreams coming true. Soak in all SF has to offer.

  23. M. Ducher

    Awww… that’s where my heart will always be! i lived there for about 5 1/2 years… nothing beats that city.
    bring that soul back filled for the unravelling course! perfect trip for everything to come.
    that city holds magic <3

  24. gkgirl

    awwww…yay for you!!!
    i hope you have a fantastic time!

  25. lillie

    welcome to san francisco! i had the same overwhelming, teary, fairy-tale feeling when i finally moved my life here a few months ago. hope you have a wonderful week – and i’d love to join in the cafe meetup next week!

  26. Michelle Shopped

    san fran — oh you lucky girl — i thought i recognized the bridge in your next post…

  27. Shannan

    Welcome to my neck of the woods!~ I hope SF is all you hoped it would be!!!

  28. Amisha

    Cool! It’s the nicest feeling in the world when something you envisioned actually comes true!!

  29. blue bicicletta

    Yay! I’m so glad you’ve made it here (to my state)! San Francisco is gorgeous!Have so much fun. P.S.: there’s a great GREAT pizza by the slice place in North Beach called Golden Boy Pizza. If you happen to be on Green Street, check it out! I go there every time I’m in the city–it’s just my favorite kind of divey, no-nonsense place!

  30. Rebecca Stees

    I live in Alameda! Would love to meet you in SF.

  31. packing supplies

    Dreams are for fulfilling and it is a good fortune of a person whose dreams are fulfilled.San Francisco is an excellent place to see.Have a nice trip and good luck.

  32. kelly nolan

    dang. wish I had seen this sooner. Would have love to come to the mini0get together. Enjoy SF. Nothing like it!

  33. Sarah

    I had to come back to the beginning of your trip to see where you were..am coming late to the party!!
    I loved so many of the beautiful shots. I really loved all the shots of your toes!! Wonderful posts!!
    Namaste, Sarah

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