~ Last day ~


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  1. nicky linzey

    Your sky picture – amazing

  2. kat

    i really like those first 2 photographs!!

  3. Brooke

    Thank you for sharing your trip to San Fran. I really want to visit there again, and I was thinking about doing a solo trip. It’s been so inspiring seeing your photos and reading your comments! I’d love to hear about some favorites spots, neighborhoods, etc, if you feel so inclined on an upcoming “ruminating” post (as in, ruminating over the trip: I never fully take in traveling till I’m back home!)

  4. Sarah

    Very cool buildings..I like the green one. I also love the shot of your toes..think they are yours..LOL!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  5. Sarah

    Oh I went back to the beginning to see where you were and catch up..am coming in at the end! I looks like a wonderful trip!! Beautiful photos and I loved all of the toe pictures!! Namaste, Sarah

  6. charlane

    love that car with the rose!

  7. Helena

    have a safe flight! hope you had an amazing time!

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