~ My Creative Life: Jen Lee ~

Jenlee1While I plod my way through jet lag and get my slippered feet back under my desk, I wanted to share something that has brightened my day considerably. I met Jen Lee back in September at Squam Art Workshops when I was lucky enough to not only take her Truth & Consequences class but also got to snap her Polaroid portrait too. Jen is a writer, teacher and story-teller, who can often be found sharing her tales on stage at The Moth in New York City. Her self-published work, Fortunes, is a beautiful collection of poetry I keep by my bed, and next year she'll be leading her own writing retreat in Brooklyn. When I asked Jen if she'd like to take part in my Creative Life series, we knew there was only one form it could take: the spoken word…

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  1. Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

    Thanks Suz – I can’t get enough of Jen these days so it was a lovely treat to find her here.

  2. blue bicicletta

    Nice podcast. I love her description of how she prepares for a new project—like she’s bringing together different ingredients in her subconscious. I often find that so much of the creation process is in the subconscious about bringing things together mentally. I also love how gentle she is with herself—if she feels wordless, she lets it be and gives her writing brain a rest. That’s a great way to react.

  3. Laura Hegfield

    What a lovely interview. As a creativity coach and creative being I found my self shaking my head, “yes” over and over. Jen’s gentle voice (I’m sure it is gentle when she doesn’t have a cold) is inviting and warm…I just sent this link to my friend in Brooklyn…hoping she will stop by and check Jen out…this is totally the kind of thing my friend would love.
    gentle steps,

  4. Karen D

    I reaaly enjoyed this podcast, Jen’s words made a lot of sense to me.. Thanks both Jen and Susannah~ Hopefully I will meet both of you at Squam Sept. 2010

  5. jane

    lovely thankyou for posting this!

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