~ New traditions ~

Baubles Sitting on the sofa in my sister's house, watching her wrap presents in the kitchen and promising not to look when she wraps certain ones. A rerun of The Office is playing in the background as i type; Steve sips from a can of Guinness and i'm considering cracking open the fancy bottle of Trinidadian rum i bought for tomorrow. Earlier Abby was sitting beside me and I rested my hand on her tummy, waiting for my nephew's little kicks hello; we are all very aware that this time next year there will be a nine-month-old little monkey shuffling around on the floor. This is the first time in all our life that Abby & I have not spent Christmas Day at our mother's house, the house we grew up in. We were all gung-ho for something new this year, a change around in preparation for all the changes 2010 will bring to our family. Mum and her partner will arrive on Boxing Day, so for now we are cosy in my sister's home, with full stomachs and rosy cheeks, the cats padding around with their muddy paws, the Christmas tree lights twinkling, the bottle of rum calling. New traditions being made…

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  1. lisa

    sounds perfectly lovely. happy christmas susannah.

  2. Chookooloonks

    Merry Christmas, friend. And I’m unreasonably excited that you’re having Trinidadian rum. :)

  3. Carol

    Have a fantastic Christmas Susannah :-)

  4. Katherine

    Happy Crimbo…rummm, yum!

  5. Jan's camera

    Lovely ornaments. I spent Christmas day with my sister and nephews, also. It was a wonderful day. Merry Christmas to you!

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