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Tartinegirl I'm slowly working my way through the Polaroid scanning, savouring the sights I captured while my body clock tries to reset itself. My thoughts about my trip away, and what it all means, are still jumbled, and I'm in that strange place of being at home but feeling i should be elsewhere. And not feeling the least bit Christmassy, but i know that will change once i'm with my family next week.

There's something about being abroad that makes you bold; my time in San Francisco saw me take my very first stranger portraits, something i've never had the nerve to do here. It started with my delayed flight to San Diego, chatting to the guys beside me as i sat on the floor of the airport, twittering the time away. Charming and funnny, they were a rock band on their way to Kansas City to play a gig that night, and when we eventually made it on to the plane they'd saved a seat for me – utterly charming, i tell you! And so my first stranger portrait was of Sammi, their lead singer.

Emboldened by this Polaroid triumph, I snapped Airyka (above) a few days later when i had lunch with Alex and Mati at Tartine. And later that afternoon it was the guitarman on Valencia Street whose name i didn't get – the ultimate zipless portrait, perhaps? :)

Sadly (and stupidly) I didn't manage to get Polaroid portraits of all the friends i spent time with while i was away, but the few i did capture i hold close to my heart. For me, this holiday was all about Polaroids (every day someome would comment on my camera and ask me if i could still get film for it – every day! The ultimate conversation starter), that amazing city and the lovely souls who live there.

Den_sus_500 [from the top: Airyka at Tartine; Mati Rose; Denise & Cedar; Sammi at San Francisco Airport; Alex; Kelly Rae & Mati; Lisa; unnamed guitar player on Valencia Street; Andrea, Mati, Leslie & Kelly Rae with Mr Pickle; Denise & me]

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  1. Carol

    These are so beautiful Susannah! So beautiful.

  2. Cat Taylor

    beautiful work, street photography and street portraiture are the bomb! I totally love shooting on the street, from the hip!

  3. Denise


  4. Tara Bradford

    I recognise some of those beauties! Gorgeous pics. xo

  5. Leslie

    oh lady, these are so damn delicious (that one of alex? SHUT.UP.gorgeous!)…just like you – inside and out. so glad to have you in my life and happy happy holidays, doll :)

  6. beth

    strangers are who I’ve decided I photograph the best…they aren’t nervous and neither and I…and they always say thank you and really really mean it !

  7. cath

    you’ve totally inspired me to crack out my old polaroid mini for my upcoming trip home to australia! thank you!
    hope you get your christmas spirit on sooooooon!!

  8. Seamus O'Conner

    Life is Beautiful. Ciao.

  9. pixie

    These portraits are stunning! Glad you’re getting settled back in…xo

  10. Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

    They are beautiful portraits – what you do with a Polaroid is magic.

  11. blue bicicletta

    I love the one of Airyka–there is such an interesting look in her eyes and the tilt of her head makes the composition interesting. Good bold work!

  12. Heather

    The guy with the guitar is Homer… I live a couple of blocks up from his regular perch. So glad you enjoyed your visit to SF. I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog for several months and would have stopped by your gathering to say hello, but alas I was working.

  13. Susannah

    Heather, theres always next time! x

  14. doorways traveler

    stunning. so stunning.
    there is essence in these images. something that you and that magic camera so brilliantly infuse into each one.
    they truly are a gift to behold.

  15. Heather

    yes. next time hello in person for sure. you captured small corners of the city just beautifully. it’ll be calling you back in no time.

  16. Jan's camera

    These are such great candid shots. Are these all new people that you met on your trip? Also, you have beautiful eyes.

  17. Susannah

    Thanks Jan :) i’d met Denise and Andrea before, but everyone else was our first face-to-face meeting

  18. Emily Hayes

    I just found your blog and I am seriously obsessed! I love your work, and I love the look of the poloroid photos! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

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