~ Polaroid ninja ~

Dragonwall1 Sometimes I would stand in the middle of the road to get a picture, looking both ways before making my move, focussing as quick as I could before pressing the shutter and rushing back to the kerb. Some of these photos would come out perfectly; others were underexposed, or crooked; some came out completely blank, but even those i remember – i remember what they could have been. I don't like to look like a tourist. I keep my camera in my bag when I'm not using it and try to blend in with the crowd, not always easy when you're brandishing a vintage Polaroid.

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  1. darlene

    hee hee … duke calls me polaroid ninja because i do the same thing, right here in my own city … hmmmm i wonder if i look like a tourist at home?

  2. Susannah

    LOL! i definitely end up looking like a tourist here in Bath ;)

  3. Amanda {Mocking Bird}

    Dude, I took a Polaroid today in the snow and a lady gave me this huge smile.
    Gotta love Polaroiders. :)

  4. charlane

    LOL I’ve given up trying to hide it too much unless I’m doing street portraits.
    love this find – so beautiful.

  5. charlane

    ps – i hope you have a beautiful and blessed holiday – may all of your dreams and wishes come true.

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