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I've reached the point where i wish i had some time to sit down and write. The jet lag (which was bloody hideous) has morphed into a cold, but colds abroad always feel more manageable, don't you find? I refuse to let it slow me down! My thoughts on San Francisco so far can be summed up in four words:


Hand on my heart I can imagine myself living here. From day one i have felt so cosily at home, it's beginning to weird me out. I mean, i should have a few moments of feeling a bit lost, no? Finding myself on a new street with my inner compass out of whack… but that hasn't happened. I'm finding layer upon layer of juicy sights and sounds and places and people. Everything so far has been… amazing.

But underneath all this loveliness is a yearning to get back home and start writing. Or be here for a few months so i can slow down and reflect, with enough time to see everyone and do everything and still be able to process and string words together. I've treated myself to a few nights in a hotel this week and I'd love to sit here in this room and type all day, but the sun is shining and San Francisco is knocking on my door, and i don't want to miss a second of her.

Today I'm going to scope out a place for tomorrow's bloggery meet-up, and will post the details on Facebook tonight…. x

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  1. Katherine

    San Fran is amazing! I remember the first time I went as a kid (well 18) and falling head over heels in love. I was sure I had found my home away from home even though home is still firmly planted in TX.
    I feel the same “cosily at home” way you described when I go to the UK, so I have an inkling how you’re feeling just now.
    It’s so wonderful to fall in love with somewhere. Keep enjoying it all.

  2. Shanon

    San Francisco takes a person in and loves them right from the start. It’s so comfortable, like you’ve been there a million times before. I think it might have something to do with the water on 3 sides, it’s size, and the icon buildings, but it’s almost impossible to get lost. LOVE it. So glad you love it and are having a wonderful time! Cold, pfft. What cold? ; )

  3. charlane

    love the thoughts of exploring SF – the polas have been just fantastic

  4. fresh365

    I feel the same way about San Francisco! Maybe someday…

  5. Brigitte

    I am sadly in the minority on San Francisco. I think it’s all the hype — it was a bit of a let down when I visited. And, well, I LOVE my city. It’s as funky as San Fran with better food (in my opinion, anyhow) and lower prices. Although they sure do beat Chicago in the weather department!
    But I felt exactly the way you’re describing when I visited London. I was instantly comfortable there and fell head-over-heels for the city.
    Glad you’re having such a good time.

  6. mary

    Hi Susanna
    when I went to sF I feel in love as well and if it wasn’t for the health care and earthquakes would have up sticks.
    I went on this fabulous tour of Chinatown a foodie tour – got a leaflet from the tourist office at the bottom of Powell st I think.Wonderful full of history and ending in lunch out. I hope you managed to get to City Lights Bookshop

  7. Leslie

    tremendous amounts of yum there! i have a shot of you getting that balloon shot and will get it off to you soooon, my dear :)

  8. Brooke

    SO fun! My husband & I flew there for one weekend a few years past (one of those flight deals) and loved it so. I loved the park near Haight Ashbury that had eucalyptus trees: smelled so good….seems like there are so many enriching, warm places there, full of good energy. So glad you are finding some!

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