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Last year’s word was visible, and even though I said it out loud I didn’t know just how visible i was going to become. I guess i expected to choose a word and then just forget about it and go about my business; apparently that’s not how it works. If you set your intention on a word, it might just come true, hence the need to choose your word wisely. In 2009 I finally attached my full name to this blog, started posting videos of my face (!) and was accosted by two blog readers in public (which i’ll admit was really really lovely :) Lately I’ve been feeling like i’m all over the internet which occasionally gives me the shivers (i googled ‘susannah’ the other day and was on page one of the results. Page one! It was a weird feeling, people – a bit like leaving the house without any trousers on).

I thought my word for 2010 was going to be love, as that is the one thing/state I have yet to draw back into my life, but over the last few weeks I realised that I want a bigger word, a word that will encompass all that i’m wishing to create in my life – in love, work, living and playing. So, after more thought, my word for 2010 is…



The last year has seen the creation of a solid foundation, and now I’m ready for take off. I envision this next year as a pliable thing, something i can knead and mould, and make into any shape i want. So why not make it BIGGER? Expanding to make more room for abundance and creativity. Horizons stretched, barriers conquered. An expanded heart to welcome my nephew into the world; an open door for love to find me again. I want to chase after my dreams and make them happen; I want to be brave and bold in my choices. I want to live widely and colourfully; to believe whole-heartedly and shine my light brightly.

What’s your word for 2010?

Anything is possible! I’ll meet you back here tomorrow next year with something pretty for your desktop… Happy new year, friends!

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  1. DawnS

    Happy New Year Susannah!

  2. Phoe

    Funnily enough, expand is the word for me this year too… Happy New Year.

  3. Kim Klassen

    i love your word choice….. and thank you for this… i need to choose a word too! i have GREAT EXPECTATIONS for 2010… woot, woot….
    thank you for the links as well!
    here’s to expanding…. happy new year!

  4. Steffi

    “Expand” feels like such a strong and bold word, very fitting!
    My word is “Happiness”.
    Happy new year, Susannah!

  5. Melissa

    I’ve been thinking about this alot. 2009 was patience. 2010 is surrender and serenity.

  6. Shannon

    I seem to be on the same wave-length as you and Phoe, though my word is ‘expansive.’ Love that we’re all trying to expand our dreams and lives in 2010.

  7. Carol

    ‘Joy’ is my word for 2010. It’s the one word that keeps repeating itself over and over in my head.
    Have a fantastic New Year Susannah! It’s been a pleasure to share your journey this past year :-)

  8. Jane

    I like expand, but am worried it will manifest in my waistline. :) I do like this idea of a word very much though. I’ll certainly be thinking of one that feels right.
    Happy New Year!

  9. Beryl

    What a wonderful word for 2010. I have pondering the same thing over at my blog today:
    2009: hope
    2010: soar
    It’s going to be an incredible year!

  10. eliz needham

    my word is “MOVEMENT”—physically, psychologically, spiritually and creatively ( which actually encompasses all three when you think about it)!
    My husband passed away on New Year’s Eve, 2003—and now, tonight I feel and I pledge to finally, finally move forward and to dare to dream again.
    xo, e

  11. Roxanne

    Discipline. That’s my word for 2010.
    Happy 2010!

  12. rose

    great links… i’ve follwed them on an amazing trip through blog-land!! very inspirational

  13. Kelly Warren

    Expand is a beautiful word. I need to think on this one! My word last year was Balance, and I think I did pretty well.

  14. Rebecca

    Thanks for the reminder to do this — I’ll have to give it some thought. Happy new year!

  15. christina

    happy new year, my friend!

  16. Amisha

    Best wishes for the new year!

  17. flowing moments

    bonne année Susannah ! the links were beautiful presents to start the year, thank you
    my word is “Action” : natural process, accomplishment, carry through, fulfill, reach, achieve, energy, happening, vitality, liveliness, practice, realisation

  18. decor8 holly

    My word is: challenge
    I want to challenge myself to complete two goals I have for myself and begin a third by the end of 2010.
    And by the way, expand, girlfriend, expand!!! Rock on!!! xo

  19. helen

    Happy new year Susannah! May 2010 bring you joy and good things, and here’s to expanding. Thank you for continuing to bring such pleasure into my life with your blog. x

  20. sas

    i have this vision of you as the 40ft woman floating over London: your new domain :)

  21. Karen D

    What a fantastic word, just saying it, expand… it seems filled with possibility! May your 2010 be filled with all that you wish!
    Karen (unraveller)

  22. Kirsten Michelle

    Happy New Year, beautiful you! Hope our paths cross again in 2010.xo

  23. Catherine

    All the best for this new year !

  24. Traci Post

    Wishing you a happy, shiny, expansive 2010!

  25. charlane

    my word is ‘journey’ – i’m going to embrace the journey that my life is taking – the good, the bad, the happy, the sad – all of it. take the lessons, the joy, the peace, the happiness and the adventure.
    here’s to a beautiful 2010.

  26. Chris

    Happy New Year! My word for 2010 is: Balance. I always swing one way or the other, on almost every aspect of my life, so it’s time to find the peaceful center, the balance. Past time, actually, but better late than never.

  27. tammie

    happy new year!
    my word for 2010 is ::: habit ::: so i can stop thinking about doing the things i want, and just do them. habitually :)

  28. Angie

    I’ve done lots of soul searching, unravelling if you will! And, I have found my word…

  29. Graciel @ Evenstar Art

    It is your LOVE that will expand, to previously unknown dimensions.(Looks in crystal ball…) I see nothing but a glorious year ahead for you!

  30. Miss Isabell

    Oh, I just LOVE this idea! Maybe I’ll have to come up with a word for my own 2010, too!
    Happy New Year to you and much success!

  31. Ramona

    thanks for the links.
    I have chosen a word.

  32. rel

    May your 2010 be filled with expectation and fulfillment.
    My word?: GIVE.

  33. Alicia

    thanks for sharing the links and inspiration. i wasn’t going to participate in picking a word for the year, but after following your links and reading your post, i’m definitely going to sit down tonight and find my word for the year!!

  34. Eileen

    Susannah ~ I love “expand”! There is something very gentle about the word, yet strong and confident!
    Happy New Year!

  35. Colette

    Congratulations Susannah on your successes. I’m glad I found you and your course.

  36. Kate Robertson

    Great word, mine is Bliss. I am hoping for blissfull moments all year long.

  37. Shanon

    Happy New Year! This post really gives me lots to think about. =)

  38. Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

    Yes! Expand is perfect for you. I may even make up a little cheer to go with it. If you are very, very nice I may even put on a wee skirt and do high kicks. Gimme an ‘E’. Gimme and ‘X’…

  39. Rickard

    Ohh wow!! What an amazing blog you have!! I found it on your flickr profile! Love your photos! I will come back;)

  40. Sunshine

    Thank you. This post and your blog is inspiring to me. I blogged about my feelings and my word of 2010 on

  41. Kathy

    Your blog is very inspiring and I thank you for the idea to ponder one word for 2010. Balance is good so is expand. I will keep thinking and subscribe to your blog as a reminder to choose my word. Happy New Year!

  42. Kathy

    Susannah, I found my word – NURTURE: “to care for and encourage the growth and development of” – my family, myself our environment and our creative pursuits.

  43. Thea

    My word for 2010 is FUN :)
    So excited to see you will be teaching at Squam this year. xoxoxoxo

  44. halloleo

    Word of the year – what a great idea! and “expand” seems like an excellent choice. i’ve chosen “future”:

  45. CrowNology

    I just wanted to thank you for the idea to do this. It led to much thought about the year to come and the one past.
    My word is Empowered. That is what I shall be.
    Thanks again,

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