~ The year in review ~

Balloon_house In January I launched the very first session of Unravelling and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine i'd be where I am now, with four classes under my belt and about to enter into a fifth, each session selling out faster than the last. What i also hadn't imagined was how this course would create some wonderful online tribes; i've been amazed and humbled by how the Unravellers bond so tight and continue to work together even after the course has ended. I've heard of Unraveller meet-ups, phone calls, secret santas, an Unraveller's calender and rumours of a secret Valentine coming next year too!

There was so much to learn as my classes and online world stepped up into being a business of sorts (also didn't expect that) and I had to learn about marketing and promotion, making my word of 2009 become a reality in more ways than one (more on that tomorrow). This was also the year that…

… Twitter became a daily pleasure.

I gave myself permission.

My work was featured in Artful Blogging magazine and in Frankie magazine's first book, The Photo Album.

I began interviewing inspiring women for the blog in March.

I discovered I'm going to become an auntie!

In June I launched a brand new website, blog redesign and e-course.

I went to Squam Art Workshops via Montreal in September, and then fulfilled a lifelong dream by visiting San Francisco this month.

This month I also celebrated one whole year as an ex smoker!

I mused on originality and copying

I completed one year of Favorite Things with Alicia.

The lovely Jamie interviewed me in a podcast, and I revealed my face on Danielle's blog.

I sheepishly admitted my yoga shame.

I committed.

The mothership opened its door to me.

All in all, it's been a good year. I danced with bouts of illness and workaholism, and discovered that i don't always look after myself when busy, but through it all i've felt a renewed sense of purpose. I feel many ghosts from the past have been put to rest, and the grief of 2005 and beyond is far enough behind me to be able to put my hand on my heart and know it is healed. I feel proud of my independence, and my survival. I feel really proud to be doing work that is helpful to others while supporting myself. That is truly amazing to me, and i'm cooking up lots of good things for 2010. I'm so happy you're all here with me – thank you x

Rainbow_house[Alex & I searched long and hard but we finally found it – the rainbow house in San Francisco!]

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  1. amanda

    Happy New Year! Totally love your blog!

  2. charlane

    what a wonderful year – may 2010 be all that and more. xoxox
    thank you for being one of my muses and always inspirational to me.

  3. gem

    cheers to a brilliant year, beauty*

  4. Karen D

    Wow lots of great things for you in 2009. I can say as one of your Unravellers you have touched my heart and changed it for the better, and for that you have my thanks.
    Wishing you a New Year filled with love, happiness, good health and possibilities!

  5. Vanessa

    love you and your blog all year round, susannah! look forward to unravelling with you some time soon too :)

  6. CrowNology

    Thank you for this post. It gives me hope, inspiration and courage to do what I must.
    Thank you and Cheers to a wonderful 2010!

  7. Roxanne

    I wish you many rainbows and much peace in 2010.

  8. Kim Klassen

    your post was/is beautiful…. and by the end i had tears….
    very inspiring!
    xxo, kim

  9. Juliana Gerber-Miller

    An inspiration…yes you are. And it pleases me so that you find pride and peace in being connected to all of us, and being part of the massive Unravel that goes on and on…and on.
    And congrats on so much in 2009…I didn’t realize that it had been a whole year of success with the non-smoking…wow, inspired further!
    Juliana (Good Juju)

  10. pen*

    what a year it has been indeed, and you are so deserving of every bit of happiness and success that has come your way. may this just be the beginning; with much much more happines, joy, discoveries and experiences to come for you in 2010.

  11. amy

    what a fabulous year!congratulations on all your wonderful work. i’m sure 2010 will be even sparklier. take care.

  12. Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

    I couldn’t be happier. What a hell of a year. You continue to inspire me and make me believe in karma. xx

  13. Heather

    Inspiring indeed! Thanks for all that you share. Best wishes with the new year.

  14. flowing moments

    quoting from Christine Mason Miller, you have created a “beautiful ripple effect of inspiration” to me, Susannah … I love your work and your blog, it gives me so much happiness and food for thoughts … you are inciting me to really unravel in 2010 xoxo

  15. Jo

    I have so loved watching you blossom this year. All these achievements aside (and they are remarkable) you are also a wonderful, generous friend and great fun to be around. I’m so happy to see you shining your light! xx

  16. barbara

    you are inspiration!!
    happy 2010….and all it´s new treasures this year will bring you.

  17. Steph

    All the best Sus! I had a fabulous time unravelling and we are still going strong on Flickr! Hey people, we are the team doing the Secret Valentine! And we did the Secret Santa! The course rocks! Sign up now! Happy new year dear readers!

  18. Stefanie

    You are awesome! I wish you a happy New Year and many, many great polaroids…

  19. doorways traveler

    beautiful retrospective.
    what a deep and alive year you’ve lived. and promising only more in 2010.
    new year’s love to you, beautiful.

  20. stacy

    Beautiful. You are an inspiration and deserve all the goodness you have created. Happiest of New Year’s too you sweets. I look forward to seeing what is next for you. xo

  21. Swirly

    Wonderful * Extraordinary * Remarkable

  22. joanna goddard

    happy new year! what a 2009 for you. and i love the balloon photo. xo

  23. Leisa A. Hammett

    LOVING catching up with you on these posts here and above. Very encouraging.

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