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Goddess_door I have the January blues. And PMS. And i'm feeling under the weather. And I'm tired. And did i mention the blues? It's a bundle of laughs around these parts.

How are you?

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  1. V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios

    Wrote an essay this morning, raised my dormant domestic goddess this afternoon and insist she mop floors and do laundry, and now it’s the middle of the afternoon and I’m spent. In the middle of the afternoon. With a lot of DAY left. So I’m reading art blogs, an excuse to sit down and veg out.

  2. Katherine

    I was totally like that last week & it’s finally starting to subside. This too shall pass sweets…it always does…be strong against the evils of hormone madness!

  3. nic

    First time commenter….love your blog and always save it as a “treat” for my eyes. :) Thank you for sharing the way you see the world. It’s really lovely.
    I know what you mean about the January blues. I’ve been having them too. Actually, I think mine are more post-holidays or something. Need vacation. Now.

  4. Mel

    Oh dear.
    Thanks to your course, I am actually doing good. Despite PMS. And that is something.
    In good news: My friend bought another snowsuit for her kid, so this means the weather will change for the better soon. She has a way with it. She bought a barbecue last summer and as soon as she did the summer was over. And she bought an umbrella in September and suddenly the weather was nice… Trust me by the end of the week, the weather will be a whole different story!

  5. Cheri

    That is precisely what Prozac is for! There is actually a version designed to treat PMDD called “Serafem” and it makes a world of difference in my mood at “that time”. Other than that, you can take solace in the knowledge that it usually only lasts a week – then you get three good weeks before it once again rears its ugly head.

  6. Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

    I was there last week – L has learned to avoid all serious conversations during these times but I refuse to let him be so wise and insist on fighting about anything I can get my teeth into. It’s SO much fun.

  7. Susan

    Oh dear. I am sorry. I’m also unwell. Sorry. I’m playing with the cat while I’m in bed & looking at primroses I bought last week. Going to watch some comedies this evening. (It’s only just gone 4pm here.) I do hope you’ll feel better soon.

  8. Samantha

    I’m so with you!

  9. trish

    I’ve felt like that for the past couple months :( Hopefully it’ll get better soon…

  10. Brooke

    You know, it’s kind of like that over here in Pennsylvania too. Just sort of blah. My brain definitely did not awaken with me this morning, and my whole body is in mutiny to bear me back to bed. Sigh. Good thing there’s Green & Black’s ginger chocolate. And pets. Having pets is helpful on days like today for Fuzzy Tummy Therapy.

  11. Olivia Jeffries

    I highly recommend power walking as a cure for pms and all round bluesyness! It’s surprising what some fresh air and pounding of the pavement can do for you. I used to really struggle for a few days of the month to even get out of bed but since introducing a daily walk to my routine my mood has completely shifted. :))

  12. Carol

    Recovering from a nasty period of illness unfortunately, the one positive aspect is the fact that I have not smoked for nine days. Feeling hopeful about this!
    Hope that your blues lift soon Susannah, it doesn’t help with this sh*t weather that we’re having here either.

  13. Melissa

    hope those blues go away soon. although i love the season, sometimes winter gets the best of me too. things are sure to get better soon, hang in there.

  14. stef

    I’m right there with you honey, no worries….let’s commiserate together :)

  15. Ingrid

    about the same.. i kinda just want to hibernate until spring. :) glad it’s not just me, but i am sorry you’re in a slump!

  16. michele

    *snap out of it* … that’s what I tell myself when I feel the January blues creeping up! It was a nightmare returning to work last week after an extended holiday of 3 weeks – the vacation glow has left me. But your blog always lifts my spirits :)

  17. charlane

    awww honey…i’m sorry

  18. ||| laura frantz |||

    So sorry that you’re blue, but for what it’s worth, the title of this post really cracked me up. We’re enduring a family bout of strep throat right now, just as we’re packing up our house to move. I think there’s something in the air this January, and it ain’t love, unfortunately.

  19. Cherie

    Don’t you just love it when everything (uncomfortable) happens at the same time? Us girls know how that is. Just do the things that make you happy while you get better. :)

  20. brenna hopkins

    would having more arms make you feel better?;o)

  21. furiousball

    you sound like a blast! hehe
    hey, we all get the blues, have patience with yo self

  22. Karen D

    Seems to be contagious, I was just saying how I was all gung ho to start the year out with good intentions and then I got a bad chest cold and Aunt Flo was late so she came with extra baggage!
    And all my intentions seem to be slipping away with the January wind….ughhgghghghgh You are not alone!

  23. Tracey

    I’m not blue too much today but I do feel “out of it” and listless. I’m always busy ‘doing something’ but usually its stuff I dont need to do and then the stuff that really needs doing gets left undone and then I feel blue! Moral of this tale is .. do the stuff that needs doing I suppose … but this stuff is really boring! Think I need to get back to the gym.

  24. aimee

    Sorry you are blue.
    You so described my existence last week.

  25. Mel

    And yet you made my day this morning by friending me on Facebook and sending me a quick note with a smiley face and xo.
    You have no idea how happy that made me, so what you could do when you are feeling 100%? *mind boggles*

  26. hope | paper relics

    sending you a smile xo

  27. Lee

    Hang in there Sweetie!
    This too shall pass and all that creativity will bubble back up to the surface once again.
    – Lee

  28. Sarah

    LOL…am so sorry hon..seriously I am.. Just finished off the pms part today and feel like a new woman. The weepies were getting old. As I am sure my DH was sick of my crankies too!! Have some Chocolate and a good long bath!! Hugs, Sarah

  29. Anneli

    Sending you sunshine & smiles along with a big block of chocolate and a hot cup of tea.
    Take a break and have some couch time – you deserve it.

  30. Bea

    Me too. Oh yes, me too.
    Big love, and hope things turn a corner for you soon.

  31. sas

    i love that this post follows the principles of fun post :)
    you’re so complex.
    love you like a fat kid loves cake xxx

  32. ellie

    happy new year lovely. i hope it gets much sunnier for you soon. i am feeling overwhelmed by all the things to be done, and more seem to be arriving by the day – what with leeking ceilings and broken ovens!

  33. DawnS

    Sending a virtual hug your way! I miss watching your class videos…they always made me smile :)

  34. Christine

    I’m sorry that you’re feeling low (I like that Audrey H. refers to this feeling as the “mean reds” in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) but I love that you posted this! Kali is definitely the right go-to goddess sometimes and I appreciate it when people expose a bit of their grumpy sides on their blogs.
    Take care and don’t forget that chocolate and fresh air are both extremely healing. Especially chocolate.

  35. Chasing the Moon

    Hope you find your way back to happiness and sunshine soon. You know, I just said the other day that winter wasn’t bothering me this year. Then all of a sudden it has snuck up on me. So, yes, I’m feeling it, too.
    Thanks for reminding me it’s not just me. Hugs and happy wishes…:)

  36. carol

    …..it’s just the way it is when you have a “cycle”……go easy on yourself…….I was there to at one time……I quite a bit older than you and looking back i realize how driven i was and …..critical of myself………breathe…….relax……”this too shall pass”…..

  37. Qui

    Sussanah, i’m leaving my job after one year to pursue my passion. I figure life is too short to settle.
    p.s. you closed off comments bf I could soay “yay” to Trinidadian rum. Today might be a good day to have some..if you have any left :)

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