~ Hello 2010 ~

Narnia_sunAfter all the colour and clatter of the festivities, I want to sink into silence for a few days. My plans for 2010 are clamouring for my attention, as if a switch has been thrown and now they are free to run around the playground. But right now i'm more intrigued by the clear white space of a new year, open for possibilities, new beginnings, clear-headed thinking, dreaming, manifesting. Letting go of the old year, and all the mistakes, and welcoming in a new way of thinking – positive, hopeful, optimistic. Ready. Clear. Free.

I've made this desktop wallpaper* for January as a reminder – I find it difficult to say those super-loving affirmations to myself (you know the ones: I am beautiful, I am a radiant being of light, blah blah blah) so i figured if i we say it to each other it would be just as powerful…

You are amazing.


Small: 1024×768
Medium: 1280×1024
Large: 1600×1200
Extra wide: 1920×1200

* The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright, etc etc :)

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  1. mari

    Happy new year, S. xoxo.

  2. Kelly

    Now come on, you KNOW you are a radiant being of light! Say it with me…

  3. Susannah


  4. Steffi

    Squeal! I’m in love ? :)
    Thank you!
    You are amazing!

  5. thea

    So beautiful these photos bring a feeling of serenity and peace. Thanks for sharing them love. Wishing you the happiest of new years!!!

  6. Lorelle

    Certainly a beautiful reminder for 2010. I adore your blog and I look forward to reading even more this year.
    Happy New Year!

  7. charlane

    what a gorgeous shot and I love the top one too – I took one very similar today.

  8. Karen D

    Thanks Susannah and i get what you are saying about affirmations, they just make me feel bad about myself, oddly enough.

  9. Kristy

    Thanks for sharing, that is just the feeling and affirmation I need for my Imac’s background right now!!

  10. Roxanne

    Lovely. You, my dear, are amazing. Really. Embrace the silence and stillness of a brand new year.

  11. Sarah Ann

    For those of us who have trouble saying beautiful affirmations about ourselves, maybe we could quick grab some pink lipstick and write BIG affirmations on the bathroom mirror. That way we can start to equate those words with our image of ourselves.
    And who can resist smearing lots of pink lipstick all over the mirror?
    Bisous, Bisous

  12. flowing moments

    enjoy the quietness … “i am amazing” is going to be my mantra for a while :)

  13. Valerie

    Thanks for sharing – that will be a little extra inspiration as the holiday haze wears off…

  14. Sarah G

    Oh I love this picture.
    Thanks so much for sharing….

  15. Leslie

    (and you are amazing.)

  16. sas

    That’s a cracker doll.
    YOU are phucken amazing xxx

  17. Claire

    This is so special.
    Thank you precious one.

  18. Paty

    Wow Susannah, thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures and the perfect affirmation for the beginning of the year! And yes, you are amazing, never doubt that!

  19. Ashley Russell

    Beautiful! Happy New Year!
    You are amazing. :)

  20. Kim Klassen

    you are a super woman! this is beautiful!

  21. Sylvia

    Thank you! This is what I needed :)

  22. Colette

    Such joy and peace in these images, thanks dearheart.

  23. robin

    thank you for sharing…
    this is a beautiful photo…
    and a wonderful reminder.
    here’s to 2010.

  24. lunarmusings

    Yes. You. Are. ;)

  25. Hannah Sadie

    Beautiful photos, I especially like the first. All the best in 2010 :)

  26. Eileen

    Thank you for making and sharing this with us!!! I definitely need the reminder for sure. :)

  27. DawnS

    Love the first photograph too! Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy & Fun New Year :)

  28. Mónica

    It’s true! You are!

  29. Sparkle Princess Diamond Butterfly

    Thank you for the desktop wallpaper. I used the one you posted earlier, too — the list, “saying yes, saying no” etc.

  30. The Zhush @ thezhush.blogspot.com

    Hi. I just found you…love what you are doing. Was wondering if you could recommend a great point and click camera for a real novice? Thanks, Sue

  31. annie

    thank you!

  32. Em

    I have set this as my wallpaper and every time I go to turn on or turn off my pc it shocks me and I think, heh, maybe I am. Thank you.

  33. miel

    thank you for sharing this screensaver! i look forward to seeing it greet me every single morning :)
    love, love, love your top image in this post – so hauntingly beautiful!

  34. Diane Whiddon

    Beautiful! Thank you. :)

  35. jenny

    Happy New Year!
    It’s amazing to see your year in reflection, I’ve enjoyed reading it and seeing all the exciting leaps and bounds, trips and beautiful photos you’ve taken along the way.
    Here’s to 2010.

  36. Pins + Paper

    Your desktop wallpaper is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  37. Holly

    I just found your blog by accident. Your photos are simply gorgeous! I’m studying photography at college at the moment so now I have loads of inspiration from looking at your photos. We’ve got an old Polaroid camera kicking around someone, now I really want to find it!

  38. susanna

    Happy New Year, Susannah! This photograph is so beautiful. It truly is. I feel the same way as you do about this quiet first month in the new year.

  39. tifanie

    wow. mouth ajar. drool. that first photos is so stunning i don’t know what to do with myself. it’s jaw droppingly beautiful. my oh my. love to you in the new year. *

  40. packaging supplier

    The new year starts with new dreams,new hopes and fresh determination and enthusiasm.It awakens us in a new and fresh morning with a ray of sunlight.May it brings much happiness,pleasure and joy.

  41. Jan's camera

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a wonderful new year.

  42. Sherri

    Thank you so much for sharing this Susannah! Beautiful!

  43. Traci Post

    Saw this today and thought of you…but I can’t decide if you’ll think it’s wonderful or awful.

  44. Susannah

    heee! yes, i saw Coris camera and i actually rather like it :)

  45. wendy

    Thanks for the wallpaper… it makes me smile every time I look at it. And it also inspired me to clean up my desktop :)

  46. Jet Harrington

    thank you! this was EXACTLY what i needed, and it has fed me this last week-and-a-half, when i wasn’t exactly feeling like a radiant being of anything (except clumsy maybe)

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