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Dogear_window I spent last weekend with a sister-soulmate of mine; we share the same birthday and it’s always intrigued me to see the similarities – and differences – between us. This coming weekend I will be gathering with seven more women in a cottage in snowy Gloucestershire. And I was going to write a short post about friendship and how great it is, but all i want to do today is share links to ways we can help the souls in Haiti who need our friendship so much more…

In the UK:
The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), a coalition of 13 relief agencies, is taking donations on a special phone line, 0370 60 60 900, and through its website.  You can also donate money via Action Aid.

In the USA:
There are six ways you can help Haiti listed in this blog post; texting your donation to the Red Cross is probably the quickest, though this only works in the US. Also: The Huffington Post explains how you can help.

I’m sure there are lots more ways we can donate, so if you know of more (especially in Europe) please do leave the info and links in the comments. x

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  1. Karen D

    Thanks for the info Susannah, I posted some additional information on my blog this morning also… Many hands joined together even virtually can make a difference.

  2. Carol

    Thanks for the link to ActionAid Susannah!

  3. charlane

    have a beautiful weekend

  4. Devi

    Hi Susannah, here’s a page with a list of organizations for German people http://www.tagesschau.de/spendenkonten/spendenhaiti100.html

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