~ Retreat ~

Cottage Eight women, three days, one cottage. We really did have the bestest time, filled with laughter, music, reiki, home-cooked meals, tarot cards, honesty and a roaring fire. The girls even got to meet my sister on Saturday afternoon… Thank you Emma, Jo, Leonie (chef extraordinaire), Lisa, Megg, Penny and Sas (who made it all happen). You all truly rock my world.

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  1. DawnS

    What fun! Love that red teapot with the white polka dots :)

  2. Angie

    Such gorgous polaroids – I now have a mad craving for jam!

  3. evy

    How beautiful! Sounds and looks like it was a fabulous weekend. Lucky girls!

  4. Marisa & Creative Thursday

    Sounds perfect. And you just take the best polaroids ever,

  5. Marisa & Creative Thursday

    Sounds perfect. And you just take the best polaroids ever,

  6. leonie.wise

    you rock mine too babe

  7. Liz

    oh the red and white spotted teapot is TOO perfect… and jam too… sounds like it was a lovely time!

  8. doorways traveler

    i think we rocked a few worlds, darling.
    onward to the universes. xoxo

  9. charlane

    sounds fantastic and it looks like a great time.

  10. Carol - SheCreates

    YES, that chef sure knows how to make food happen, every morsel filled with love..! What a beautiful nurturing collective of creative women

  11. C.D.Beatrice Clay

    sounds like a magical weekend…love love the polka dot tea pot!

  12. Roxanne

    Oh, girls just wanna have fun! (don’t they?)
    What a cute teapot. You take the best polaroids.

  13. Kerstin

    Love these images! When I still lived in the UK three girlfriends and I used to have girlie weekends away every year: to Devon, Dorset, Cork, Cologne, Edinburgh, a narrowboat trip on the Wey. Pub lunches, cliff walking and lots of laughter, soul searching, healing and bonding over good food, wine and lots of cuppa teas. Those were special times, thanks for reminding me :)

  14. Kerstin

    P.S. Oh, and that red dotted teapot, that’s the perfect image, love it!

  15. bella

    Um, hellooo ? Gorgeous, vintage cottage? I hope you ladies had a great time. I’m in love with these pictures. xo

  16. Tracey

    Looks amazingly relaxing… glad you enjoyed it!

  17. Lorelle

    What a wonderful time! These pictures are magical.

  18. Carol Maguire

    Sounds like a dream……perfect!

  19. Amy

    The positive energy from your wknd is palpable in these pictures….they’re hypnotically soothing~

  20. jenny

    woooow, what a dream!!

  21. pen*

    oh your pictures take me right back to the magic cottage… sigh.
    let’s rock again… soon.

  22. Thea

    this sounds utterly divine!

  23. Kathryn

    sounds lovely :)

  24. christina

    my soul is warmer, after seeing this, my friend. : )

  25. Lili

    these Polaroids are gorgeous. looks like an amazing fun and relaxing time was had by all. :)

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