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Knitted_cats My sister blows my mind. Not only is she growing a human bean, but she made these knitted cats. Just like that. I didn't get the knitting-crafty gene; I got the… well, you can probably guess the gene that I got. It rhymes with celluloid :)

Updated to add: for those who asked, Abby got the patterns from this book by Donna Wilson

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  1. stacy

    how cute are those? will she be selling some?

  2. Susannah

    Ive told her she should! These two were taken from a pattern book, but i know shes going to start working on her own designs……. :)

  3. kendalee

    These cats are adorable! This made me smile – my lovely sister also got the knitter-gene in our family. And she had the babies…

  4. Anna

    oh, i love them!

  5. Sarah

    Oh oh oh those are darling!! She should sell them..maybe Etsy?? Very cute!!

  6. Cat Taylor

    human bean…haha, that’s cute! I wish I could knit!

  7. postcards from...

    those are two cool cats.
    what are their names and can i adopt one?

  8. Susannah

    They are called Sid (on the left) and Tig…. Tig came home with me :)

  9. Brooke

    I love Tig’s vibrant yellow eyes. He’s very fetching.

  10. Shanon

    Cute! She needs to open an Etsy or BigCartel shop. =)

  11. Karen D

    I would buy one for me and my neice, she would love them.

  12. Lisa


  13. Mel

    how lovely

  14. janice Baer

    they are so cute! does she sell them?

  15. Jackie @ Lilolu

    very cute.

  16. Jay (UK)

    Like a lot of other commenters here I have to say they are absolutely the cutest and they scream Sell Them On ETSY! I can think of 5 people I’d buy one for and that doesn’t include the several I’d but myself!

  17. Susannah

    Ive been on the phone to Abby this morning talking about this – shes going to start working on her own designs, so ill keep you guys posted!!

  18. furiousball

    whoa… you got the meteoroid gene?
    or did i guess the wrong word?

  19. Catherine

    They’re fantastic !!! But, you know, knitting isn’t so complicated … And it is so pleasant (calm and peaceful, really makes me feel better ;o))

  20. Steffi

    Awww, love them!

  21. Amisha

    These are fun!

  22. blue bicicletta

    Those are so cute! I also wish I got the knitting gene! Must settle for the drawing and writing and word-loving gene. These genes are not at all bad.

  23. megmanionsilliker

    these cats are fantastic!!! does she have a pattern to share?! love.love.love.

  24. Di

    I love the Donna Wilson cats! I made a green one a while back!

  25. Laura Hegfield

    love these cats…the tails are especially awesome (can’t say why, they just are!)

  26. Janet

    These kitties are adorable!! I’d also be interested in seeing a pattern or learning where to find one. Happy New Year!

  27. cath

    love love love these!

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