Blokes with style

Sart1 There’s something very appealing about a guy who can put a stylish outfit together and carry it off without looking like he tried too hard; trying too hard contravenes the law of masculinity and repels most females. Or something. I follow The Sartorialist in my RSS reader, and this morning noticed i’d saved a lot of his street shots of men — don’t they all look great? The last shot is my favourite.

Sart9[all photography by Scott Shulman, aka The Sartorialist]

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  1. Alicia

    Thanks for this shot of hottness on this cold winter day!

  2. Janet Kelley

    They all look great, in their own way, don’t they?!

  3. vanessa joie

    Good choices. I may have to play myself… I vote for the guy with the huge shopping bag from Muji (LOVE Muji) or the guy with the green coat. He looks so dapper.

  4. charlane

    oh, i do love the fella in the green coat. he’s rather dreamy.

  5. kristen

    the italian boy in the pink has always been a man i like to look at, he’s got great style and i love red on a man.

  6. kristen

    as in reddish-blond hair…you call it ginger hair right? ;-)

  7. CrowNology

    Second last.
    Or first.
    Though mine is perfect, and getting better with age…
    Got to love a “safe” boy…;)
    Thanks Susannah!
    I’ll show these to the boy above for inspiration!

  8. Van Kapeghian

    whoa… no one does a scarf AND bungee cords!

  9. Roxanne

    love the pink shirt … these are great shots.

  10. Kristy

    Wow..they look fabulous. Such style.

  11. Josh

    nice post shortcakes :)

  12. Sarah

    Yup the first one…very bohemian…love every one!! How fun!!


    Did a double take on chap #5. I thought for a moment his bag said G.I.N., which would obviously have made him the clear winner.

  14. doorways traveler

    #1, without the bungee cords. definitely.

  15. Alanna

    Oooo I like the 2nd last one. He’s a hottie (don’t tell my husband)…LOL.

  16. Lee-Ann

    hmmm, oh yey! Love the green peacoat! thanks for sharing.

  17. ABCcreativity

    omg i love the sartoralist.
    these just blow me away.

  18. Out and About Africa

    The second to last one is my favorite. You should also check out he has some amazing shots of guys.

  19. Liz

    Muji guy or Pink shirt… or, of course, Josh… now, why does the first guy have cords with hooks on them hanging around his neck? That might make me a wee bit nervous on a first date…

  20. Susannah

    Liz – apparently that guy had just delivered some art supplies

  21. Brooke

    I’ll take two of the one in the green coat, please.

  22. Elle

    WOW – the guy in the green coat – be still my heart!

  23. Ren

    Those are some great photos of some stylish me- What great eye candy

  24. Rain

    Where are these fellows hiding? *Swoon*

  25. kelly nolan

    Are we supposed to be picking one out for you? I think the one in the green coat might be best.

  26. Nicole, blue bicicletta

    ooh, that last one is suave! I also quite appreciate the plaid coat with pink shirt guy. I love it when guys where pink.

  27. Debi

    Well, there’s a reason you said Blokes, because these guys would be getting some odd looks in this part of Texas. But that guy in the green coat? I think you could plunk him down anywhere and OH baby!
    Yes indeedy.

  28. Francesca

    Phwoar. Fabulous, gorgeous men! My fave is the fourth one down – cause of the smile though, not the clothes :-)

  29. Bea

    I would like nothing more than to go to a Las Vegas casino with #3 (platonically, natch). He looks like he could take the house for squillions, then blow it all on debauchery and cigars ;-)
    And *swoon* at Messrs Last and Second Last. Yum.

  30. Bea

    and Anttix — I am glad I’m not the only one who thought he was lugging a bag full of Vickers Dry!

  31. Amanda {Mocking Bird}

    The last one is super dreamy.
    My Sean and I actually play a Satorialist game on the street. We both try to spot guys that he would pick to shoot. Then we rate them on Satorialist points:
    1. Does he have rolled pants cuffs and no socks?
    2. Wearing a beret?
    3. Carrying a man purse?
    4. Scarf?
    5. Canes/Capes/rolled end moustouches score big points!

  32. Katherine

    I’m keen on Mr. Pink! Although green coat is right up there too!

  33. The Armchair Parisian

    I think they’re all pretty great. ::SIGH:: wish I could get my guy to wear something more interesting than his uniform of a plain button-down shirt and jeans with docksiders…

  34. Fiona

    Thanks for sharing your faves, I love Mr. second-last, super-hot :)

  35. emma

    The old dude with the sunglasses is absolutely my favorite! Love that site too.

  36. stef

    Love this site and this photographer – xoxo

  37. Marilyn

    Great Post… the last guy is my kind of man comes I don’t see that type of guy here in london :-( ..

  38. Greer

    I can’t get over those red and grey socks on #2. Absolutely perfect!
    Susannah, I only recently discovered your work and maybe it isn’t quite right that my first comment on your blog is about someone else’s photography. Your images are incredibly beautiful and looking through them has been such a pleasure- and has also given me a lot to think about. Thank you so much.

  39. Ingrid

    wow. my favorite is the guy with the gold shoes and the huge smile. :)

  40. Kim Klassen

    wonderful smiley post… love little morsels of them all… :)

  41. Flashgames

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  42. Zavila

    Great pictures and great men!!! I love the man with green jacket!!! Really nice!!

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