Bookshelves I really do remember my books by colour these days. I'm thinking I want my book to be purple; there aren't enough purple books out there.

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  1. Van Kapeghian

    i concur, purple is super royal – totally fitting for you :)

  2. Susannah

    Van, you ole smoothie you – when we having that coffee? ;)

  3. beth lamphier

    purple is truely for the passion of life..

  4. andrea d

    my bookshelf is color-coded too. and now that i think about it, i don’t think i have any purple ones! wait, yes i remember now, i have like 3 or 4. definitely not enough purple :)

  5. kerin rose

    They say purple is the favorite colour of eccentrics! :)
    ( it is mine too!…purple sounds grand!)

  6. Lili

    That’s a gorgeous way of organizing a bookshelf. I tend to buy my books based on color, such as when there are different editions I will pick the color of a cover that I prefer. Yellow and brown/gold seems to be a common theme in my shelves from what I can tell by glancing across the room.

  7. Sam from Minnie Taylor

    Glad to see someone else color codes their books too – definitely purple! I don’t have enough purple books! And purple is supposed to stimulate imagination and creativity…

  8. Marthe

    I agree! I love purple and I love books. And I judge the book by its cover too. Nothing like reading a good book that looks pretty, right?

  9. DawnS


  10. happy giny

    interesting way of putting books together.. sure is aesthetic!!!!
    purple you say… hummmmm fits you, there is so much purple in your photos somehow!

  11. Verne

    I rearranged my books from alphabetical order to colour order last Saturday evening. It was a pretty hard core rock and roll evening. I’m glad to see we’re as cool as eachother!


    I colour code my books too. And you’re right, my purple section is far to small. It needs more purple books.

  13. charlane

    purple – passion – regal – i like that

  14. and flowers pick themselves

    just took a similar photo of one of my mother’s stuffed shelves. i have such a strong urge to rearrange her books this way. love it!
    xo Alison

  15. Ren

    I have a photographic memory, only when it comes to my books. Last week I wanted to help my littlest monkey organize his books and he came up with the idea of catergories on his own. I was so proud.

  16. lucy

    as a librarian, i can tell you that when people ask for a particular book — say, “the big green book that had a chapter about snakes”, we can put our finger right on it. so go for the purple! it’s a color that librarians everywhere will appreciate…and remember.
    love your bookshelf. it makes as much sense as any other shelving scheme. move over mr. dewey!

  17. froufroug

    Swoon, this is something I must try with my own bookshelves! Right now I have them according to genre (childrens, poetry, classics, lbgt, non-fiction); practical but nowhere near as pretty.

  18. Lisa

    Your bookshelves look like my closet!

  19. barbara

    purple is a good choice:-)

  20. natalea

    what a beautiful way to arrange your books!

  21. Wayfaring Wanderer

    That’s how I have my books arranged! By color :D

  22. cath

    totally loving your colour coded bookshelf… i want to colour code MY bookshelf – my books are arranged by size… boring… and yes… a purple book.. i looove purple!!

  23. Heidi Reinhardt

    love it!

  24. thebluemuse

    I agree, there isn’t enough purple anything out there…

  25. linda

    i want to try this! I arrange my books by category and size…i like the color idea though…

  26. megmanionsilliker

    what a great idea – books arranged by color. brilliant!!

  27. margie

    just the other day my 27 year old son told me that purple is the only colour.

  28. Sophie Isobel Designs

    Oh I love this! I must try it out! I can see only one purple book on my shelf, so indeed we need more purple books!
    Sophie x


    So this is your bookcase? Jam packed :)
    I’m afraid mine has no organisation whatsoever. Haha

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