Hello 37

Blueshirt_2 Can anyone tell me where the last 10 years went?

Last year i woke up to snow on my birthday; today we have blue skies and sunshine, which in itself would have been enough to lift my spirits, but then i logged into my email and found this:

Those beautiful women are from my Summer 2009 Unravelling class – can you believe they did this?! I still can’t and have the dried tears on my cheeks to prove it! Thank you ladies, you have touched my heart forever!

So, 37-years-young. I just looked back at last year’s birthday to-do list and enjoyed crossing off the items I’ve achieved, and shook my head at how many were left yet to be done. This year’s list was scrawled in my diary last night, and reading it back it see that it’s a rather do-able practical list… but that’s okay. I like the idea of this next year being do-able – bring it on!

37 things to do before I turn 38:

1. Move back to London
2. Visit San Francisco again New York!
3. Get my driver’s license
4. Buy some running shoes
5. Start using the running shoes does walking count? ;-)
6. Try internet dating
7. Finish the book & give it to my editor – nearly!
8. Get a new tattoo
9. Get my teeth cleaned
10. Buy more flowers
11. Do something with the big canvas
12. Stay optimistic
13. Investigate reiki
14. Try acupuncture
15. Find help for PMS nightmare (see 14)
16. Visit Morocco
17. Have regular Sunday brunches with the Kiwis
18. Visit Christine in Brighton
19. Teach at Squam
20. Test drive the new Polaroid camera
21. Help birth my nephew into the world
22. Take Polaroids of nephew & get broody
23. Get rid of TV once and for all
24. Watch last season of Lost
26. Paint toenails emo-black
27. Sit under tree and read once a week
28. Take a day off once in a while
29. Find p/t admin help
30. Make spiced cider
31. Shoot with the Hassy more
32. Wean myself off coffee… eventually switched to decaf
33. Eat more fruit
34. Start swimming again
35. Wear more skirts
36. Continue being an ex-smoker
37. Love Polaroids with all my heart

119 responses
  1. avelottes

    susannah: happy birthday! and congratulations to this amazing gift. it is wonderful.

  2. The Cowgirl

    you continue to inspire me…I know I don’t comment often, but I read all the time…my 37th is this month and I think I’ll make a list too.
    Happy Belated Birthday :)

  3. jodi

    best of luck and happy belated birthday.

  4. Marilyn

    What a wonderful list, happy birthday!

  5. daniela

    happy birthday to such a lovely and inspiring woman.

  6. Jan's camera

    What a fabulous video. So creative, just like you. Happy Birthday, Susannah. Hope to meet you someday.

  7. Baron von Beerfest

    Acupuncture is brilliant. I know a couple of really good acupuncturist if you want a recommendation. And you should definitely go to Morocco – with your Polaroid.

  8. Joyce

    Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a golden one!!

  9. Michele Fischer

    First and foremost I hope you had a beautiful birthday (and it seems you did!). I also wanted to share what a lovely idea your “37 things to do before I turn 38” is! I love that idea and believe I will adopt it! Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and beautiful photos!

  10. Irene

    If you do number 1 on your list, I’d certainly like to help you with number 27!

  11. Irene

    duh, make that 29! (though i do work in a library, and could certainly help you find a book to sit under a tree with!)

  12. Jen Z.

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing so much beauty, each and every day.

  13. Anneli

    Happy Birthday Susannah.
    I wish I lived in the UK then I’d sign up to cross 29 off you list!

  14. vanessa joie

    Oh my goodness you are beautiful! I hope your birthday was wonderful. I love that you said you wanted to try internet dating. I’m sort of scared/fascinated by the whole thing!

  15. Laura Wall

    I have to say your blog has totally inspired me – I love your list and I do think they are all definately doable! Happy birthday! lol

  16. Ivana

    This must be one of the loveliest birthday cards I’ve ever seen : )
    Happy belated and hope you enjoy the year! : )

  17. becky aka theRAV

    Happy Belated birthday! I read this earlier but forgot to send birthday wishes. Sorry. Loved the video. Hope this is the best year ever for you!

  18. Qui

    Happy Birthday Susannah! The most lovely courageous creative photographing Brit I know :) hope you had a fantastic day and may you cross every one of those things off your list in this upcoming year. Bless

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