Hello 37

Blueshirt_2 Can anyone tell me where the last 10 years went?

Last year i woke up to snow on my birthday; today we have blue skies and sunshine, which in itself would have been enough to lift my spirits, but then i logged into my email and found this:

Those beautiful women are from my Summer 2009 Unravelling class – can you believe they did this?! I still can’t and have the dried tears on my cheeks to prove it! Thank you ladies, you have touched my heart forever!

So, 37-years-young. I just looked back at last year’s birthday to-do list and enjoyed crossing off the items I’ve achieved, and shook my head at how many were left yet to be done. This year’s list was scrawled in my diary last night, and reading it back it see that it’s a rather do-able practical list… but that’s okay. I like the idea of this next year being do-able – bring it on!

37 things to do before I turn 38:

1. Move back to London
2. Visit San Francisco again New York!
3. Get my driver’s license
4. Buy some running shoes
5. Start using the running shoes does walking count? ;-)
6. Try internet dating
7. Finish the book & give it to my editor – nearly!
8. Get a new tattoo
9. Get my teeth cleaned
10. Buy more flowers
11. Do something with the big canvas
12. Stay optimistic
13. Investigate reiki
14. Try acupuncture
15. Find help for PMS nightmare (see 14)
16. Visit Morocco
17. Have regular Sunday brunches with the Kiwis
18. Visit Christine in Brighton
19. Teach at Squam
20. Test drive the new Polaroid camera
21. Help birth my nephew into the world
22. Take Polaroids of nephew & get broody
23. Get rid of TV once and for all
24. Watch last season of Lost
26. Paint toenails emo-black
27. Sit under tree and read once a week
28. Take a day off once in a while
29. Find p/t admin help
30. Make spiced cider
31. Shoot with the Hassy more
32. Wean myself off coffee… eventually switched to decaf
33. Eat more fruit
34. Start swimming again
35. Wear more skirts
36. Continue being an ex-smoker
37. Love Polaroids with all my heart

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  1. green ink

    Happy birthday!! Your 37 things sound wonderful. Fill your heart and soul with joy and keep living your beautiful life – it sounds like there’s so much for you to look forward to! Have a great day! xx

  2. Chrysso

    What a lovely post. Happiest birthday to you Susannah.
    I’ve been meaning to tell you that you (and your fab blog) inspired me to start keeping a diary again. I used to when i was younger, (13- 19) but then just sort of fell out of the habit. But now (at 27) I’ve started again and am so glad because I’d forgotten how theraputic it can be. So thank you.

  3. Alena

    Happy Birthday Girlfriend xox
    But no. 32 why??
    & best you do 24 before 23
    Good luck with 25 and wishing you all you desire.

  4. Jo

    Happy Birthday – it’s been a joy to watch you rock this year. Bring on the next one! xx

  5. Bea

    Happy 37, beautiful Susannah — teacher, artist, writer and inspiration to all of us. May the year ahead be filled with adventure and love, love, love.
    And F*CK YES to the list!
    (Especially #31. Pretty please?)
    ? ? ? ? ?

  6. bella

    Happy Birthday, darlin !!!
    Wishing you the sunshiny, super fabulous day (and year!).

  7. Elizabeth Scott

    Feliz Cumpleanos!!!!
    Hope you have a great B-day!
    You always inspire me to be courageous and independent in my own life-

  8. .kat.

    Happy Birthday Susannah! Yay!
    SO glad you love the video!!
    Love that list! I’m thinking
    “yes” to emo-black toenails,
    and new tattoos!! ;o)

  9. Michele Hill

    Any answers to the PMS hell. Never a drama till post kids and now approaching 40 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggh

  10. Michele Hill

    the aarrrghs were about the PMS more than the approaching 40 btw

  11. Steph

    Many happy returns, I hope that your new year will bring you the opportunities to tick all of these and then some. But… really… why eliminating coffee? It’s ok to better oneself but you needn’t plunge to the greatest depths of misery to do so!!!

  12. jeanine

    that there is the best. gift. ever.
    and well deserved i might add
    happy birthday, beautiful you.

  13. margie

    happy birthday. i will be 57 on sunday. i would be honoured and touched by such a beautiful set of birthday wishes from friends. how lucky you are.

  14. Von

    37 is going to be fabulous! Finger’s crossed for #25 and for some of #20 in #2.
    Happy, happy birthday, Susannah! Sending you lots of western Australian sunshine and some sand for between your toes.

  15. Alex

    Love you, sistersita! Happy birthday to you! I’m happy to hear that I’m going to see you again before you turn 38. xo

  16. abby

    Hey sister, Happy Birthday again – awesome day of sister power yesterday and can’t wait to see you Sunday too. That video from those lovely ladies really made me cry, i’m so proud of you, you have come so far and i can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. Always by your side – lots of love from lil sis xxxxx

  17. Sandra

    Happy Birthday Susannah!!
    I can believe your summer unravelling class made you that amazing video because you are amazing! Your list is fantastic and I am looking forward to #19. Have a wonderful day celebrating you!!

  18. charlane

    happy birthday pretty one. love your list…especially the nephew. you fall in love them them over and over and over.
    hope you have a year of beauty, fun and wishes come true.

  19. brittany

    Happy happy birthday! You truly are an inspiration! And that video made me cry…it’s truly magical.
    #16…I’ll meet you there! That’s on my list too!

  20. Josefina Dieguez

    Happy Birthday Susannah. A very special video for a very special lady! You are truly amazing. Best wishes, Josefina.

  21. Sam

    Happy Birthday Susannah! May the coming year be everything you want it to be!

  22. beth

    happy birthday beautiful girl….
    may your year ahead be as beautiful as you in every way….
    my daughter is 22 today and I made her a sweet little something on my blog….. if you have to time to see it, I’d love the visit :)

  23. Julie L.

    Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you get to enjoy a cupcake today:)
    And don’t wean yourself off coffee, but the rest of the list looks great!!!

  24. amanda

    Happy Birthday! Love the list. I turn 37 this year too and am also wondering where the last 10 years went…

  25. brittany

    happy birthday!

  26. jodi

    oh, what a wonderful gift! hope you had a lovely birthday.
    and i highly recommend reiki. it feels so good!!

  27. Charmaine

    Happy Birthday, Susannah! I am so glad that you shared this lovely birthday video and your inspiring list with the world. What a beautiful group of women! You are blessed.

  28. Traci

    Happy happy happy happy and happier birthday, Susannah! I wish you a whole year full of beautiful and happy surprises.
    Squam ladies, that was a beautiful video. Way to rock the love fest!

  29. Brigindo

    Happy Birthday. What a beautiful video and I love the birthday list

  30. Jay (UK)

    Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday – 36 woohoo! – I think this means we can have extra cake to celebrate each others birthday, ooooh yeah, extra cake! And if cake is being had then coffee os required completely scuppering number 32 hehe! And I’m visiting your beautiful city tomorrow on a bead buying mission, ooooh, beautiful beads yaya! x

  31. Karen D

    Wishing you all these good wishes for your birthday and many many more great things to come..
    Truly you inspire others with your inspiration!
    You shine from within and without!. Have a fantastic day!!
    Karen DD (fall unraveller!)

  32. Christine

    Wonderful list!
    Happy birthday fellow lovely aquarian.
    I haven’t made a list yet but if I did, “Do something with the big canvas” and “Sit under a tree and read once a week” would both be on it.

  33. Haley Wulfman

    What an amazing birthday present! Those women are so devoted to you! I love the way they don’t just show the picture of them holding whatever letter, but they actually make it stop-motion-ey and show the progression of picking it up and putting down.
    FREE GIVE AWAY! Head over to my blog as well and enter the raffle, I am giving away a free fine art photo print.
    Have a very happy birthday!
    -Haley Wulfman

  34. kristen

    The happiest of birthday wishes to you dear Susannah. I would love to help with no. 14 and 15. if you come visiting in the spring…xx

  35. Lili

    Happy Birthday Susannah! That is an amazing list to accomplish and I wish you good luck in completing it. It’s so beautiful to see the people that you’ve touched through your classes and how much love they have for you. That’s a beautiful video and I’ll admit, combined with the music it made me a bit teary-eyed too. :)

  36. mindy

    this world would not have been the same without you in it… you are a gift. hugs and love for a fabulously beautiful day! mmwoua…sending you a kiss from across the pond. xoxo, m

  37. Emma

    Happy Birthday Love x Sorry I couldn’t be with you today, hope it was really special x emma x

  38. Gwen Bell

    That video is perfect. Have a lovely time crossing those items off, Susannah. I know you will!

  39. modish

    Goodness, that video made me teary eyed too! I think you’re such a beautiful and funny and bright woman, you spread so much joy to everyone around you. I wish you a 37th year that gives as much back to you as you put out there, because you deserve it so much. Happy happy birthday, beautiful lady!
    <3 jena

  40. yorksnbeans

    Hello Susannah! I do check in here on and off and always love what I see and read, but today I just had to make a comment. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and that was one wonderful video to receive as a present!

  41. nicole

    happy birthday! hope you have a truly lovely day — and year!

  42. Leslie

    hooray!! love every little bit of this post and sending you big fat bday love over the seas! :) http://tinyurl.com/bdaysus

  43. Karen from Chookooloonks

    Best birthday message EVER. Seriously!
    Happy Birthday, friend. May the next 37 be even more fabulous.

  44. Tina

    I have to say it again, happy birthday dear Susannah! Glad you loved the video!

  45. Beverly

    Happy Birthday!

  46. Barbara Harrison

    Best wishes to another Aquarius (I sensed that you might be one) I’ll be 58 on Sunday & I just might make a list of thing to do before I’m 59. You have inspired me to get back into photography & writing in a more serious way. Thanks for that.

  47. Amisha

    Happy birthday and wishing you everything that your heart desires.

  48. Crystal Heis

    I’m trying not to tear up. (secretly watching video at work) That is beautiful. See how many lovely lives you’ve touched. You are an inspiration.
    I love your birthday list. (except #32) I always do birthday resolutions instead of New Years resolutions. It seems more appropriate to me.
    Have a wonderful birthday.

  49. Star

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. Hope you get all you wish for (whether it’s on the list or not)!

  50. alex*strawberry lemonade girl

    Oh and what a WONDERFUL tribute that was.
    you are a special girlie, with such positive lovely energy.
    May your year be filled with love, laughter, joy and happiness!! (and hopefully another trip to san francisco!!)

  51. Lis

    A beautiful day for the most deserving, loving, lovely, inspiring woman rockin’ the blogsphere ?
    here’s to another fantastic year (i am raising a cupcake in your honor!)
    much love to you – 37 is a great year :)
    love, Lis

  52. megmanionsilliker

    susannah – wishing you a glorious happy birthday. you are really a neat gal! i have adored reading your blog – you inspire me oh so greatly – you are such a pure light. you deserve all kinds of happiness. thanks for being there across the waves of the internet. your do-able list is great. i know you will achieve all your goals. xo
    ps. that video was the best thing i have ever seen. awesome!

  53. Hannah Sadie

    Happy Birthday! That’s a great list and the video is so heartwarming :)

  54. Rachel Cronin

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day (what’s left of it…)

  55. sheena

    happy day!

  56. Michele

    Happy birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful 37th year.
    What a beautiful video!!

  57. C

    Happy Birthday and infinitely good luck with your list!

  58. sas

    happy birthday beautiful
    love you like a fat kid loves cake xxx

  59. Holly

    What a beautiful video, Susannah. You have touched so many lives. Welcome to 37. I’ve been enjoying it for 2 weeks now and must say, I’m loving it so far!

  60. Shanon

    Hey beautiful! That is a fantastic list. Happy Birthday!

  61. Aerussell.wordpress.com

    Happy Birthday! I hope all your dreams and desires come true!

  62. little miss b

    What a lovely list, I look forward to seeing the photos as you tick things off. Happy Birthday.

  63. Mari

    Dear Susannah,
    You are SO going to
    I can feel it.
    I’m cheering you on,

  64. twitter.com/jakemessenger

    Happy birthday to youuuuuu! Have fun working through your list :)

  65. Rhoda

    Happy Birthday…what a sweet idea that was!!
    Here is to another year :)

  66. denise

    wait…on your list you forgot “Change nephew’s poopie diaper.”
    hee hee.
    happy happy birthday sus! did you get my text message? wasn’t sure if i am able to internationally text you but i tried! so fun.
    so thrilled you are feeling loved and celebrated and that video just rocks the house, man…YUM.

  67. Alicia Fish

    I only just began reading your blog a few weeks ago, but you have inspired me in so many ways.
    Thank you for that.
    You deserve a beautiful day, every day.

  68. lunarmusings

    37 is such a great year! Enjoy and happiest wishes to you. :)

  69. Lee

    That video made me cry!!

  70. lori

    What a wonderful gift and group of friends. Happy Happy Birthday to you and hope all your wishes come true! ~ Lori

  71. Chaucee

    Aw what sweet friends! : ) have a happy birthday.

  72. amy

    happy birthday! that’s a wonderful list. practical and spectacular. three cheers for falling in love!

  73. Verne

    Happy birthday lovely Susannah What a wonderful post! That video is so special… what an impact you make on people for them to do something like that for you! And that list is fab, good luck!! Big hugs x

  74. Karen

    Happy Birthday! Hope the coming year is great for you and that you complete your list in style!

  75. Amy

    Happy Birthday Sweet Susannah! That video was amazing!

  76. Roxanne

    Happy, happy birthday! What an exciting list. 21 will knock your socks off ~ it’s the most amazing thing, ever.

  77. Roxanne

    Oh, one more thing. 16 ~ Morrocco …. it’s beautiful. I felt like I landed on another planet when I first got to Morrocco. Take pictures!

  78. Sara

    What a great list

  79. ingrid

    happy, happy birthday! i wish you adventure and and laughter and lots of wonderful, exciting moments that turn into beautiful memories!
    have a spectacular year, dearest ~
    ps. it is so clear that you are very loved!

  80. Brigitte

    Happy birthday!!

  81. Shell

    Happy Birthday, Susannah. A sweet video you got from your friends. I hope you do everything on your list. Much love to you.

  82. hope | paper relics

    happy birthday xo!

  83. alicia bock

    Sending you armfuls of happy birthday wishes. You are certainly the most fabulous 37 year old I know :)
    I love your list! I keep thinking about #8 myself. xoxo- A.

  84. Kerstin

    Happy Birthday Susannah! This video is amazing, so clever and beautiful; it shows how much you have touched all these people’s lives and souls, it’s why you and your classes stand out from the crowd :) I have not even done one of your classes (yet) but I felt very touched, too, watching this.
    And yay for moving back to London and falling in love. I think those two go quite nicely together, don’t you? :)
    Hugs, Kxo

  85. Seamus O'Conner

    It’s my birthday too. I turned 48 today. I love your list. Mine is not quite as long, but there are two big goals for this year.
    1. open a very small wood fired pizzeria in LA.
    2. Restore an old cantina in Ialy to be used as a small cozy apartment

  86. susanna

    Happy Birthday, Susannah! That IS a wonderful surprise from your students. Obviously they adore you to bits. And you are right – your birthday list is totally doable! Have a fabulous birthday weekend!

  87. swimsutra

    Sort of just stumbled upon your blog by accident. Anyway, it is a lovely blog, and happy birthday! My half birthday is coming up (which I rather fancy celebrating because it’s more of a good private reflecting time then a regular birthday), and I think some of my to-dos are similar! Best wishes!

  88. Jules

    Happy birthday! And what a wonderful person you must be for that lovely tribute. I hope all your birthday wishes come true. :)

  89. vera b

    what an exciting list! i am putting out my best wishes for those all to come true this year.
    happy 37 it will be, Susannah.

  90. Helena

    Happy belated bday darling, all the best! love your list! go for it!! :) Hope you are having a great weekend

  91. Java Venus

    Hello, Susannah! What a lovely birthday video. SUCH A fun and creative gift. Your list is great! I hope your birthday was truly wonderful and magical!

  92. nathalie

    joyeux anniversaire :)

  93. Karen

    Dear Susannah, I hope all your birthday wishes come true and that 2010 is a magical year for you. With love.

  94. Nina

    #15: ‘Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom’ by Dr Christiane Northrup. Not a solution but maybe a pointer in the right direction?? (I got a nice 2nd hand hardback copy on Amazon Marketplace.)
    #33: http://www.riverford.co.uk
    Many Happy Returns!

  95. Catherine

    Happy birthday ! ;o)

  96. CrowNology

    Happy Birthday!
    So much I could “discuss” on your wonderful list.
    I tried acupuncture last year, it is awesome. I used it for depression…
    Coffee is good for you! :)
    Good luck and best wishes for a wonderful year.

  97. Brooke

    STUNNING video! SUPER list!! Best of wishes on your new next year of life. Happy Birthday!

  98. geisslein

    HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to you! The same day my lovely, headstrong niece has her 3th birthday…a good day ;o)

  99. Jen Jafarzadeh

    happy birthday and cheers to an amazing year for you! that is one incredibly sweet video! ps. 14 cured my 15 in two months! acupuncture really works.

  100. Laura Fragiacomo

    I just found your blog now and am interested in your e-courses…Happy Birthday! Life is supposed to get better with age right? :)

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