The answers #3

Tequila500 Karen D asked: How did you learn to "listen" and "follow" your creative voice?

It was more a case of my creative voice shouting in my ear until I started paying attention. Ever since I was a little girl I have felt the urge to be creative. I was always painting and making stuff, and from the age of 11 I was writing a diary, something that become a compulsion in my teenage years. I haven’t always made a living from my creative pursuits but it’s all I’ve ever wanted – to do work that I love and for that to be connected to art, creativity and inspiration. I don’t know why it’s always been in me – it just always has :)
Mo asked: what would you most like to do that you haven't already done?

I would really like to get my driver’s license. I failed my first test in 1993-ish, and started learning again in late 2004 but then my life fell apart a few months later. So, this is going to be the year I pass. Dammit!

Meggy asked: Do you listen to any podcasts? If so, which ones do you listen to, or would recommend?

I'm really digging Molly’s Spilled Milk, Jamie’s Creative Living and this talk by Natalie Goldberg that Marianne recently introduced me to.

Kristin asked: what does music mean in your life?

I’d be lost without music. I listen to it every day. It makes me happy, sad, energised and relaxed; it holds so many memories, and helps me make new ones. I’m in awe of anyone who has musical talent, and I don’t mind that I don’t have any because there are so many artists I love who do. ITunes has revolutionised the way I listen to music; I was always making mixtapes as a teen, and used to put together CDs later on; now I make playlists. A LOT of playlists.

Robin asked: boots or heels?

Neither, really. I only wear Uggs boots, Converse and flip-flops. Anything else makes my skin blister. SO annoying.

Emma asked: If you had your own band what would you call it?

The Premenstrals

Ingrid (and Meg) asked: if your life were made into a move (or a play), which actress would play you?

British actress Natascha McElhone. Her husband died in 2008 and I sense she would understand a lot of the grief I have felt, which she could put into her performance. On a purely shallow level, I think she is gorgeous, and would love to have her looks, so this would be the next best thing.

Ab asked: What is your favorite tradition?

I guess this isn’t a traditional tradition, but my family and I always make sure we get together for each other’s birthdays.
Chasing the Moon asked: Favorite song to bust out and dance or be wild and silly to?

I have several:

Jade asked: Crunchy peanut butter or smooth?

I have both in my cupboard as you never know which will be right for the snack moment you find yourself in. I like to keep my options open.

More answers coming soon, but if you wanna ask more questions, I'm over here!

5 responses
  1. Alena

    Girl after my own heart: I have both those bottles in my pantry permanently (except when they’re empty and need restocking).

  2. Brooke

    I am loving these questions and answers! I think my fave on this post was, funnily enough, the shoe query! I just got a pair of purple Converse this year and love them. :)

  3. Brigindo

    I didn’t start trying to learn to drive until I was 30. I failed my road test 3 times and didn’t actually learn/get my license until I was 38 but now I’m a driving fool. This will definitely be your year and you’ll love it.

  4. kerry

    Fabulous answers. I’ve been scooting around tonight. I happenned upon your Unravelling e-course and was smitten, then I found the link to White Hot Truth, listened to the interview and was sold.
    I did some Style Statement workshops with Carrie & Danielle before then hosted a Fire Starter Group for friend in my house before we moved. She holds a gift for empowering creative spirits.
    Your course sounds lovely and just what I need right now. My blog, was started two years ago as a way to hold myself accountable…to pursue a journey to follow my bliss…to find and be Kerry. It’s been a blessing and challenge but now that we’ve settled at our new abode, Birch Hill, and my studio is 99% ready to work in, I feel completely at a loss. I do enjoy my photography but I struggle to find my truth in it. I am not sure if that makes sense. Perhaps, I struggle with my style…careful not to appropriate things/work I love too much?
    Anyways, I just wanted to say I am happy to have happenned upon Ink On My Fingers. I haven’t pulled out my box of Polaroid cameras since art school…if you are wanting a certain kind lemme know and I will shuffle though my old treasures.

  5. kristen

    please elaborate on your plan to live without a television. i … don’t … understand …

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